November 25, 2012

Our life, in pictures

October, November. Where did you go?? Levi is 9 months old. Advent starts next weekend. I'm getting grey hairs. OK, maybe not that last one. But time sure is flying by faster than when Max runs when he's in trouble. Here's a snippet of life back in October....

Pumpkin Patch. Only the cutest time of year to take pictures.....

My sisters and I took my beautiful mother out to see Wicked for her birthday. 
Kind of the most amazing show ever. 

Sick. Everyone. For weeks.

Even mama was sick. So sick in fact that this glorious bowl of soup is all I could swallow for three days. And even that was painful. At least I had Project Runway recaps to keep me distracted.

Buuuut, despite being sick I still ran my third half marathon in 3 weeks. I wasn't going to run but really the pain was only in my mouth/throat and my legs felt great and I was in a "Kristine-is-stupid" mode. About 20 minutes before I had to leave I ran around outside in my pajamas to see how I felt and I felt pretty good so I threw on my running clothes and hit the trails.....

And, the next day I wound up in the ER. Not because of running. Really, this is the truth. I ended up not with a cold/flu/strep but rather with a nasty mouth infection that some numbing juice, Vicodin, probiotics and vitamins knocked out in a couple days. 

6 days later I was back out for another race. This time sporting my well-earned Half Fanatics jersey. It was another trail half-marathon and I did a few miles before the race to use this as a training run to see if my body was ready to tackle the 26.2. 

Smiling, laughing, almost crying from joy on the trails and I had my answer....marathon, here I come!

OK, so enough about running. Back to what you really come here for. Squishy babies and cute kids. Avila and Max are solving some world problem (actually they're fighting over barbies) and Levi eats train tracks for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, we stole daddy from work one day to take him out. Some much needed family time for us all. Bonus: The Spaghetti Factory had a great gluten free menu for the kids.

A family Halloween 5K - Avila was a Marathon Maniac. =)

I was a bag of jelly beans. I won a costume contest award which was cool - and then I realized I had to run in this thing. 1/4 mile down the road and balloons started flying out! I stopped at the aid station, slipped it off, tied the top around my neck and held onto the leg holes to make sure no more balloons came out. And then I ran like the dickens. Apparently I ran so fast that I placed 2nd in my age group.

Avila in her first 1K - in the pouring rain. My little Marathon Maniac in training.

Halloween Trick-or-Treating at Michael's office: where they hand out 5 billion King sized candy bars. For Halloween night we continued our tradition of eating Dairy Queen Blizzards and watching the Halloween Charlie Brown shows.

The day after the election. On her own, Avila decided to make a "rally to pray for our country." She built the podium and wrote a speech. Our little prayer warrior in action.

What have you been up to lately???


jen said...

You wear the 1/2 Fanatic jersey well! Congrats! That's my goal for next year, have two of the 1/2's figured out, just need to find one in August to do, or early Oct.

Seriously, we need to run together at some point. But, only on one of your slower recovery runs...your pace is faster than mine! :)

Michael and Kristine said...

YES YES! I will call you to run soon! In August is Sound to Narrows or you could do the Portland half in October. :) And I'm getting slower and slower and sloooower so actually I will probably be keeping up with you :)