January 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes - the "where have you been" edition

Where have we been? All over the place!!

1. Football season wound down with a trip to the State Championship game! Although Bellarmine lost in a match with Skyline, it was an adventurous season filled with ups, downs, and lots of busyness. Plus, 2nd in State ain't too bad. And now, a month later, Max is still saying "Daddy, football coach." This is his answer to "Where is daddy today?" or "What are you thankful for, Max?" or "What was your happy part today?" Yeah, Max is officially a football-boy, grunting and all.

2. I am still running all over the place, like the little Honey-Badger I am. My first marathon was supposed to be on December 15th. 4 other girlfriends were running the marathon and 1 other girlfriend, Lisa, was running the 50K (31.5 miles). I ended up running with Lisa for the first 20 miles and when the split off happened for the 50K I realized I was feeling great and I said, "What the heck? I'm gonna go for it." Soooo, my marathon turned into a 50K! I was sore for about two days and started to gear up for another marathon, which took place two weeks later. Except that one wasn't as fun. Running 26.2 miles on a SLANTED ROAD killed my right leg and I ended up shuffling from mile 6 on. But, whatever. That's like life, right? Can't always pick the course, and even when it hurts so bad you want to give us, you just gotta put one foot in front of the other. And now I'm officially a Marathon Maniac!!

3. Update on Avila: her little girl voice is almost gone! My soon-to-be 5 year old is growing up. :/ Her little girl voice is fading away and she is such a little lady. Oh, and she thinks she's in 1st grade and gets really offended if you tell her otherwise. I think it came from me telling her she'd reading and doing math like a 1st-grader (oh. my. word. this kid is smart...) and now she has a big head or something. Actually I think she's just excited for high-school. Because to her it goes: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, High School! Not quite. Don't grow up that fast little girl!

4. Update on Max, aka: Beach Boy. This kid is laid back as all get out, plus he's got the surfer boy hair.   He loves to color, especially ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Literally. Christmas Eve morning was spent all quiet and peaceful-like with the kids coloring in their Christmas coloring books. But when I went back downstairs a while later, Max had colored on everything. Floors, table, chairs, walls, baseboard, door trim, kitchen set, toys, play mat, bookshelf, books...you name it, it had blue crayon on it. Merry Christmas to me!

5. Update on Levi: still the most snuggly, crazy-happy baby ever. He's a flirt and a charmer and will cry and cry after nap-time if I don't slow dance with him for a few minutes. But despite his cuteness, he is a crappy night-time sleeper. He's a little over 10 months and just now started waking only once at night. It used to be anywhere from 2-3 times. Oh baby Jesus, help me. And this was during peak marathon training. He also went on a solid food strike for about 3 weeks - refusing anything other than Rice Chex. When my other two babies were just about done nursing this one decided to be done eating! My "plan" was to have him weaned by his first birthday because I had a run down in AZ right after he turns 1. I started freaking out because there is no way this kid will be weaned by then, and so I canceled my run (bye-bye AZ sun...sniffle sniffle) and will soak up the fact that my baby wants to stay a baby a little while longer.

6. That's OK I had to cancel my run because I replaced it with a 50K. Actually two of them. Uh oh, I've been bitten by the marathon bug.

7. On a final note, this Advent and Christmas season has been so wonderful! I ditched anything non-essential and we focused on the basics. The kids had their Advent wreath and Advent calendars and we did those well. We learned all the songs to sing at Christmas Mass. We focused intensely on the impending birth of Our Lord and not on the impending gift-giving. And because we don't really do Santa Claus (not that Santa is bad or anything. For us, St. Nick comes on Dec 6th and leaves little goodies in their shoes) the kids woke up on Christmas morning excited for Jesus' Birthday! Avila and Max ran to put him in the manager we created under the tree. They sang "Happy Birthday" to him at breakfast. And when they were watching TV that morning, they had no clue a stack of presents were sitting right in front of them! Each kid got a couple special things (except for Levi, he got a Mr. Potato Head and some bubble wrap) and it was a joyous kick-off to the 12-days of Christmas.

Merry Christmas!
What have you been up to lately???

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jen said...

Wow girl, you have been running (in life and in your running shoes!) like crazy! Good for you...super proud of you, you Marathon Maniac!

I finalized my "known" race schedule for 2013 leaving room for spur of the moment add on races. I'm hoping this is my year to get the miles up there and see how I feel about 26.2 after Half Fanatic qualification this summer.

We made a plan this Christmas (our last one that Sky is young enough to not really know what's going on) for how to handle Christmas from here on out so it's not about the gifts and is about what's important. Now to get the Grandparents on the same page.

Miss your posts when there is a break, but know you are busy running and raising 3 adorable kiddos among other things. :)