February 6, 2013

a few of my favorites....

Yeah, sorry if you follow us on Instagram or FB. You've probably seen these. And I really don't mean to pester you with Hawaii pictures...but it's Hawaii and pestering is always allowed when it comes to palm trees.

The first day we took the boards out was a blast. Despite the rain and big swells it was a calm ride and I didn't fall off once. The second day we went out I took out a local's board which was waaay less stable. (Mike was on a kayak.) Combine that with choppy waters and a big surf and I think I spent more time getting pounded by waves than boarding. At least I caught a wave (crazy exhilarating!) before getting walloped by the following three!


My annoying yet awesomely flexible travel buddy.

Representing the maniacs. Though I guess I really don't need a jacket to declare I'm half nuts.

After Mass. (a Mass in which I had to change Levi's horribly stinky diaper in a bed of straw on the side of the church...)

Their bed-sharing over the course of the week has led us to have them share a room at home. Buddies through and through. (Well, except for the fact that Avila said she didn't sleep all week. Reason: Max's foot in her face.)

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