March 12, 2013

Avila's 5th Birthday

Just a week after Levi turned 1, Avila decided to turn 5. OK, she didn't really have a say in it all, but two BIG birthdays in one week? I think my heart is still catching up from all of the growing up going on around here...

When she was little I made a random rule that she couldn't have gum until she was 5. I thought, Oh how fun! We can throw her a gum ball party! What I failed to realize was whether or not she would even want gum. Just as a I was starting to plan the details she said she wanted a Pajama Party.

What?! That's no fun! Or so I thought.

Thanks to Pinterest this wasn't so hard to put together! (On a side note I suspect that she wanted a PJ Party because she could stay in her Pajamas all. day. long. if I'd let her. Perhaps she's destined to be a stay-at-home-mom?) It did take quite a bit of work, but for our baby girl it was worth it. Plus, I didn't really mind because we are only going to throw big bashes for the big years: 5, 10, 16. (Did I just say my babies will be 16 someday?!!) and keep it low key the rest of the time. 

The Invites:

Opening up the "blanket" on the inside is the info about the party. These could have been cuter but I had all these materials and they were free :)

The decorations:

Added a card table at the end and decorated it like her bed. The girls each had a place setting with their own mason jar (drill a hole in the lid for the straw). The pom-poms were super easy. Just google "tissue paper pom-poms" and you're set. But don't make them while you're husband is trying to watch TV.

I think I put so many pom-poms up to cover my ugly red wall. This wall stresses me out...but alas, I have big plans for it, just wait and see. Anyway, the girls all got cozy socks as their thank-you gift.

The schedule:
10-Noon. The girls and their moms all came in their PJ's. (OMGosh, so awesome to be in my Pajamas all morning!) When they arrived the girls went to their spot at the table and decorated placemats. When they were done I laminated them so they could use them for breakfast. While the placemats were being laminated, I had them decorate a paper pillowcase to be used for a game later on.

After coloring, we had a (gluten free) pancake and waffle bar with all sorts of yummy toppings. I think the chocolate chips and marshmallows were the favorites of all, though.

Then we all went into the laundry room to decorate pillow cases. I cut out shapes from sponges to make stamps and had the girls wear Mike's old shirts. Messy but fun! After that we went downstairs and read "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" and "Otto's Birthday."

Avila insisted we play "Pin the tail on the donkey." So instead we played "Pin the pillow on the bed." 
Other games I had in the queue but didn't get to: Musical Pillows, Pass the Pillow (kind of like hot potato).

We went back upstairs for cupcakes and presents. After that the girls all played for a bit and then it was time to go home.

FIVE-years-old?! Wow, what a beautiful and special girl you are, Avila.

Oh, and Avila said "no boys allowed." That meant Mike and Max had to find something else to do. Like fishing. And Levi did was Levi does best: nap the entire party.

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