May 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. I made a promise to myself I would never apologize for not blogging ('cause sometimes there are so many poopy diapers I have little time for anything else), but come on Kristine: a month and a half? We must be busy or something...How about a little update from each of us. That should suffice as a reentry into blog-o-land, right?

2. Michael is super-dad, super-man, and super-duper-husband all rolled into one, I am sure of it. Not to be of the bragging sort or anything but I think he deserves major props. I am just so grateful to be married to a man that makes a competition with himself to see if he can serve me more than I can serve him. What?! That's stud muffin material. But in bringing him back down to earth, he is still crazy busy with work and football is starting again next week. To make a long story short we had initially decided that football wasn't in the cards this year. 6 days a week, nights and weekends, was beginning to eat up our family time however we got it all worked out and he'll be coaching linebackers again this year. And the kids are beyond ecstatic. Max's response: "Yay!!! Me daddy football coach!" Avila is just excited to be hanging out with the (girl) managers. And Levi will probably end up tackling half the team at some point or another.

3. School is still chugging along. We are just about done with all our Kindergarten curriculum (except we've moved up a grade in Handwriting) and by fall time Avila will be starting first-grade. I always feel weird when people ask me what grade she's in because telling them a 5-year-old will be "going into first grade" sounds a little pretentious but I'm just following her lead! And boy is it tough to keep up with her. Math and science are her favorite and she's going to be a doing a science summer-camp this summer that she won't shut-up stop talking about. We are also schooling through the summer so as not to lose our (okay, MY) momentum.

4. Oh, Max, can I just run my hands through your luscious locks all day long? I call him my other "Stud muffin" but he doesn't like it so much. "Me Maximilian Kolbe." Well, son, your middle name is actually Joseph but I have a feeling we might need to officially change it to Maximilian Kolbe Joseph because whenever I correct him he starts balling. He's all of THREE and enjoys coloring the carpets with marker, coloring the walls and chairs with mascara, and pretending he's potty-trained. But my favorite thing about him? The fact he calls me mother. "I love you, mother." Aaaahhhh, Swoon.

5. Levi Levi Levi Levi are my DOLL BABY AND I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!!! Did you get the fact I love this little guy? Oh my goodness, he is still so snuggly and he's a chatterbox and a brute and seriously my little buddy (and is 15 months old now!). I am his home base and he comes up to me about every half hour or so and checks in with the biggest snuggle (sometimes a wrestling session) and tons of kisses. Then it's back to hanging with the big kids. You know the feeling of infatuation when you love someone so much your heart races? Yeah, that's me thinking about Levi as I'm typing this! But, at the same time, why do I have this sinking feeling he's just trying to butter me up for all of the destruction about to ensue in toddler-land?

6. And, me? I'm still home-manager and all that goes with it and I'm still running like the Marathon Maniac I claim to be. At the end of March I ran the Gorge Waterfalls 50K (15,000 feet of elevation gain/loss) then 4 weeks later ran back-to-back marathons: Eugene and Tacoma. Running has kind of changed my life, for the better. The life lessons, the spiritual lessons, the way it has made me intentional with each waking moment leaves me forever grateful I found this sport. Pushing myself to the brink mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually is kind of amazing. I know I can't keep up this racing schedule forever but for now it works and I'm going to enjoy every second.

7. Theology of the Body talks are still keeping up. I've added a few for the summer and I'll update my website with the schedule if you're interested in attending any. There are a couple open parish-wide for anyone to attend. I'm also doing lots of marriage prep (my favorite) and am dreaming up a retreat for next year......

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jen said...

I was excited to see a post! The kiddos are adorable!