August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Linking over with Jen, at Conversion Diary.

1. Levi is learning some mad skillz at home. Like how to pickpocket my phone. I usually keep it in my back pocket if I'm running around the house and occasionally I'll feel it slide out without my knowing. Two seconds later Levi is running away from me giddy with joy. Either he likes the thrill of the steal or the fact that, to an 18 month old, iPhones are the coolest things in the entire world.

He must be working on his disguise.

2. And Avila is super interested in prison. She's asking me all these questions about what would happen if I went to jail and what jail is like and on and on. It's actually kind of disturbing how in depth she's going with her questioning. I'm just rolling with the punches. Maybe I should make a jail at home and throw them in it if they misbehave. Heyyyy, I think we're onto something here.....

Practicing sight words, in a "flower jail"

3. Last night was our first night in our new king size bed and it was awe-some. Awesome for the sheer fact that Mike didn't yell at me all night to scoot over or stop taking up three quarters half of the bed. It's one of those sleep number thingys so I'm still trying to figure out my "number." And I may or may not have accused him of trying to rig my side of the bed. If he keeps trying to trick me I'll have to throw him into Avila's jail.

4. We cannot get enough of roasted brussel sprouts. The kids (Levi) eat them like candy. Wash, trim the ends, quarter them and roast at 415deg for about 20 or so minutes. Yum Yum Yum.

They also can't get enough of Pad Thai. And I can't get enough of that view outside our dining room window. The tree is changing colors - oh so pretty.

5. Max's potty training is going pretty good - except now he's hit the "lazy" stage. Like lazy as in "it's easier to pee on the floor in front of the toilet instead of in it." But I'll give it to him - he tries to clean it up. Sweet and super gross at the same time. I've outlawed that practice. I promised him I wouldn't get mad if he pees on the floor as long as he doesn't try to clean it up. Ugh, boys.

6. I wanted some "mama alone" time the other day after folding loads and loads of laundry. I was spent. But Levi decided to climb on top of me and bombard me with kisses. I couldn't turn that down.

7. I've discovered Amazon Instant Video on my phone and it's so freaking cool. I watch a movie while I do the spin bike or fold laundry. I can't tell if it helps with the laundry. Sometimes I drag a load out just to finish my show. But whatever. We get free videos (and free shipping) through Amazon Prime and it's so worth it. Especially when you run out of diapers and you need them on the cheap, pronto.

8. And an extra take, just for kicks.

Someone decided to read me a book.

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