August 26, 2013

finally a normal day

Remember when I said everyone was going nuts and just about killing each other around these parts? Yeah, well, we cracked down major and Mike and I took everything away. Most of the toys, the bikes, the iPad, I even picked out Avila's clothes - all for over a week. And if there was even the slightest bit of pouting about it more stuff was taken. No one's gonna mess with this mama....

Well, finally my (somewhat) dear sweet children are back to normal. And I guess if normal means drawing a picture of a foot (that he calls a butt) with a heart and blood on it (Max...) then we are handy dandy.

Reading Peter Pan instead of playing "let's copy Max and annoy him all morning"

This morning we kicked off our second week of daily Mass. The big kids chose a seat waaaaay up front (when going by myself I usually sit in the middle in case Levi needs to be taken out and strapped down) but I said what the heck and let them pick. Avila and Max wanted a pew in front of Levi and I which meant a lot of Levi trying to get with the big kids but all in all they were great. It helps I bribe them with Starbursts (Max gets two - one for being good and one for not peeing in his underwear). Although Levi is very strategic - he think if he bows a million times at the end of the pew then he's allowed to take off out of it. Fun times.

Then it was off to swing by the dry cleaners, get the car washed, and vacuum it out with that super loud hose that makes Levi scream. A beautiful morning meant we took a detour to the park to play pirates and watch the trains. Back home for lunch and then the kids made a whole bunch of decorations and threw an "iPad party" because today's the lucky day they got it back. Today's also the unlucky day they got it taken away again because they were arguing over who's turn in was. Sigh.

Car wash. Clean car, happy happy joy joy.

Man, this parenting thing never ends. Oh well, at least the world will never ever run out of wine.

And now I am staring at a whole bunch of laundry that better learn how to fold itself. 'Cause folding laundry sucks worse than thinking about folding laundry.

Don't worry. There's more in the dryer. And the washer. And the dirty hamper.

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