August 26, 2013

Sunday fun-day

But before we get to Sunday something has to be said about Saturday. Or at least Saturday morning around 10am. My parents were up visiting for the weekend and I was enjoying the quiet time in my bathroom getting ready without sounds of sword fights coming from my bedroom. But then I hear yelled "Hey, Kris! I think Max pooped in the backyard!"


Visions of the fourth of July just a year and a half ago when Max (who wasn't wearing a swim diaper or anything while playing in the backyard in his swimsuit - my bad) left presents all over the yard. During a BBQ we were having. The slide, the ground, bleh.

At least yesterday's present was left with beautiful presentation and kind of easy to clean up. Which led me to believe it was intentional. Mr. "potty trained" was playing with his trucks and decided that dropping his drawers would be easier then walking 50 feet to the nearest bathroom. Excuse me for asking you to interrupt yourself, son.

Me: "Max, why did you poop in the grass?!"
Him: "Because I had to go."

Well, duh. Why didn't I think of that? On the bright side, at least it wasn't in his underwear...

Speaking of underwear, apparently it's is the new it thing. 
And for the record, it was Avila who dressed Levi up.

The rest of Saturday was better with Avila doing her thing at her trail running group (um, she did hill repeats!!) and a big-person only football BBQ for the coaches and their wives. I got to wear my favorite wedges from Target, my new favorite jeans, and a shirt I didn't have to worry about getting chewed on by Levi. Win win win.

Sunday was just what we needed - (mostly) uninterrupted family time. After Mass, we packed up and headed down the street to the beach. We spent the morning getting really dirty, watching the trains pass by, and getting jealous of the SUP (stand up paddle) boarder roaming the sound. OK, that last one was me. After a bath, it was movie time for the rest of afternoon - The Incredibles. Love love that movie.

And while daddy was doing dinner and bedtime I jetted off to Seattle for a high school Theology of the Body workshop. (For those who don't know what TOB is, it's a study on love, relationships, and human sexuality). But get this - this was the first time I had a translator. Whoa nelly. It was a bilingual youth group (eng/spanish) and how awesome of an experience was that! I had to shorten just about everything but the Holy Spirit always says what He needs to say so it's all good.

Now we start another week. And I can hear Levi singing in his crib so I better check out.


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