September 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes

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1. On average we've been hitting up daily Mass about 4 times a week. Given we are two minutes (literally) from church and Mass is only a half hour long I kind of have no excuse to not bring them - plus I really really need the kick in the pants. I don't go to Mass because I am holy. I go because I need to get holy. Anyway, their grades for the week:

Avila: A-  I really don't have to worry about her. Except for Thursday. She was super pouty walking up to Communion because Max tried to cut her in line - a major issue that happens every time. I've resorted to letting her have an extra skittle afterwards if she just lets him go and doesn't make a scene.

Max: B  He's getting so much better and I can pretty much let him go and not have to bug him about being good but on Thursday (must've been the crazy weather - they all staged a coup against me) he was mad I wouldn't let him play cars and he took it out on the Priest because he refused to go up for a blessing. At least we haven't had any pee-in-the-pants accidents in church. Yet. Praise Jesus.

Levi: C  Oh man, he is so unpredictable. One day he'll spend the whole time snuggling and kissing me and the next he's trying to play tag up and down the aisle. If he hasn't figured it out yet, mama always wins.


2. I win the worst mom award of the century. No I really do - and I'm not trying to be all false modest like. Levi almost drowned. We were at a Labor Day BBQ and the big kids were having fun in a hot tub. I was literally 10 feet away, chit chatting with my girlfriends. I all of a sudden saw one of the dads half way in the water. I thought he slipped and fell in (it was built into a deck). Then I see Levi BEING PULLED OUT OF THE WATER. OH MY GOODNESS I AM THE STUPIDEST MOM EVER. It didn't even dawn on me that of course Levi would want to go near the water because he is a moth to a flame when it comes to water and he will seriously walk right into a pool (like he did in Suncadia - but that time we were in the pool to catch him). He was fine because he was only under for about 2 seconds and thank the Lord that a parent was right there with the kids. That parent should have been me. Lesson learned. And I write this (albeit incredibly embarrassing) because something as crazy as this really does happen in an instant.


3. Oh yeah, the Levi water incident was two days after he chipped his front tooth. Man, being a parent is such a dance between keeping them safe and not hovering over every move they make. He was up playing on a big toy at the park and fell off a stair onto his mouth. It was bloody and he had a fat lip and I didn't notice the chipped tooth until the next day. After a trip to the dentist (which he totally loved) and a new tooth brush (that is super gross now because he won't let me take it away) he's perfectly fine and will just have a gnarly looking tooth for the next 5 years. Awe-some. Not.

Someone likes the dentist. Actually he does have cooler toys than we do. 


4. OK, we need some positive news here. How about this: we are finally getting some Legos. This is like the coolest toy ever and I don't know why I didn't have any until now. I ordered some from Amazon the other day and they are set to arrive today. The kids have been parked behind the front door for 45 minutes, waiting. I've made a rule that if they ask me one. more. time. when the Legos are coming they don't get them for another day. Oh my word I'm excited, too, though. More things to keep them occupied!!!!


5. More good news: no potty accidents for TWO DAYS! Wahoooooo. This whole "not getting mad" thing is actually working. Oh and lots and lots of candy. That works, too. I am in the stage of life where I get paranoid every time I open a closed bathroom door. I just may be scarred for life.


6. Avila and her completely random musings...If anything I can't believe she is growing up and has her own things to say. From the other night after talking about our day at the zoo:

Avila: Mom I just love Mary.
Me: Why?
Avila: Because she is awesome. And she has superpowers.

Talking on a paper cell phone - that has a picture of Matt the photographer on it. Crush, anyone?


7. Mike also has some pretty not so good quotes. He tries to brush them off as being funny or flirting. Bahahaha, not really, babe. Nice try, though.

Me: There was this awesome lady I know who ran a 3:04 marathon today.
Him: Well, that's because she's a real runner.


Mountain Mama said...

Totally did the almost drowning thing with Peter a couple weeks ago. I was even standing right there and turned away long enough to look back and find him in the "dead man float" position. Terrifying! This mom stuff isn't for the faint of heart!

Kristine Mauss said...

Oh my word that is so scary! Man, it can happen so fast.......