September 17, 2013

Oh, Avila.

This little girl. Man, she is something else. I mean every parent should think their child is super duper freaking awesome and I'm one of them. But don't worry - not in like the helicopter parent or Dance Moms sort of way. I know she's not all that - especially when her "Monster High" doll is taken away or she's bragging to every random stranger on the street that she got new sparkly shoes from Target that have leopard spots inside that were only 10 dollars. Sloooooowwwwww down, child. Breathe.

But once you hit that magic age of 5 it's like the random toddler-child turns into a big kid with their own witty ways of seeing the world. So refreshing and exciting and, of course, scary. Because with every passing day she is growing up!!!!!

And she's giving me compliments like:

"Mom, why is your voice so.....crumbly?"

Ah, love you, too babe.

Mom, you like #selfies. I don't.

And asking me questions at the most appropriate times:

"Mom, when you're done changing Levi's diaper and making dinner can you teach me about the world?"

Um, yeah, I don't think you want to spend that much time with me.

We like to get super dressed up for church each week. Any matching is a plus.

And putting me in my rightful place:

Me: Max, you shouldn't do that. (probably referring to trying to jump off half a flight of stairs)
Max: Why?
Me: Because I know everything.
Avila: Um, no mom. You don't know everything. Only God knows everything. Shake-a-ra-la.

Yeah, that "shake-a-ra-la" comes with some hip action and a finger wave. And happens about a ga-gillion times a day.

She chose this outfit for herself. Sweater and shorts, freaking awesome socks, and sparkly shoes. I must've taught her well. Boom.

But the best part of her growing up (or any kid growing up for that matter) is that we can share more of our lives, our thoughts, our desires, our dreams together. Maybe a bit easier for a gurl because all they want to do is TALK AND SING........My life is a musical (said in a sing songy voice. Hey, if you can't beat 'em join 'em)...........Anyway, we have such interesting conversations and I love hearing her perspective on things. Mostly because she has a lot more of a sensitive heart than I do. Everything affects her in such a deep personal way and she will move heaven and earth to make something that is wrong right again. Or she'll give you the shirt off her back. Literally. Like the time Max was cold and Avila took her shirt off right then and there to give it to him and comfort him. Or she tucks her brothers in at night and if they are the least bit sad she will let them have her special blanket. Yup, that's the type of girl she is. I guess now it's up to me to keep nurturing that because it can be lost so easily.

Teaching kids in the neighborhood how to have Mass. Complete with a Eucharistic processional down the street. Bahahahaha.

And speaking of sensitive she is so affected by the words I say to her or the gestures I make. Which is good because it kicks my butt into shape as a mom. She was sad for two days because I rolled my eyes at her once. (In my defense she watched a show at a friends house without asking. The biggest no-no in the book.) But if I praise her or tell her something nice she is on cloud nine. It's good to know what affects your child because for me, words can roll off my back and it doesn't affect me as much as it does her.

Just let me go to ballet, mom.

Although she wasn't old enough yet to audition for the Nutcracker for her ballet school, Avila was just asked to be a part of it. Oh. my. word. Can this ballerina turned mom be more flipping excited?! She was asked to play the "baby girl." She doesn't like being the center of attention so it took some convincing on my part but an hour later she came back to me and said:

"Dont' worry, mom. I'll be brave."

That's my girl. Suck it up, get your hands messy in things you would never choose yourself and let the world see just what you have to offer.

Just never let it go to your head. Shake-a-ra-la.

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