September 3, 2013

Out with a bang.

And lots of poop.

First the crappy news (no pun intended). Max can't seem to make it to the john in time. Which means the bathroom floor gets a big present. Aaaaand he tries to clean it up. Poor buddy. It is so horrible and sweet at the same time. I'm trying trying trying to keep my cool about it because he is so sensitive to me getting mad. He wouldn't pray for me last night because "mommy gets mad at me." Insert breaking heart. My resolve: to just deal with it. And to try my freaking darndest to do so with some grace. Ugh, not easy but I guess this is why having kids is good for the soul.

Now that we got that out of the way............

What a great end-of-the-summer weekend. Football for Mike. Champagne with the sisters for me (in the afternoon. Followed by more the next morning.) Beach time. Last minute BBQ invite. And unpacking the FINAL BOX. Our garage is no where near done but that'll come. I'm trying to remind myself we've only been here 5 weeks. I JUST WANT TO BE DONE!!!!!

On Friday I loaded up a van full of cardboard and headed to the recycling center. We then treated ourselves to coffee (me) and the spray park (kids).


Sunday after Mass we headed to the beach down the street and so far this has become a weekly thing. Trains come about every 5 minutes which freaks the crap out of Levi so he pretty much snuggled the entire time. Which is nothing to complain about because snuggling with Levi is awesome and he totally didn't get dirty. Yessss.

But the big kids got dirty. Way dirty. 

Best part of Monday was having Mike home and being able to get in 10 miles as the sun came up. Running over the bridge will never get old.

Now that the school year is upon us it's nice to be forced to spending more one-on-one time with the kids. Homeschooling isn't always easy, but there is nothing like the life and joy that these kids bring to our home. Plus we still get to enjoy this awesome summer/fall weather. We got a lot of school done this morning so when the sun came out this afternoon we ditched our second reading time and spent it riding bikes, making chalk games in the driveway and building hot wheels on the stairs. And I spent it calling the dentist about an toddler (who shall remain unnamed) who apparently chipped his front toot doing heavens knows what. That's gonna look great for the next 5 years.............

Peace out, for now. Time to go take away that stool the kids just put at the top of the stairs.

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