September 1, 2013

Phone dump 1.0

Ringing in SEPTEMBER?!!! with random pictures from my phone.

The very last moment at our old house. Cry cry, tear, sniffle, sniffle. 

Levi wants to run a marathon two weeks before a 50 miler, too.

IKEA. With three kids. Twice in one week. Shoot me.

With the craziness of everything I have no willpower to say no to driving a bus around the grocery store.

Moving in day. The kitchen took me 8 hours to unpack and organize.

There are no words.

I majorly want one. For my house. A lambskin blanket was my "blankie" when I was a baby.

Again, no words.

Doing ab work with him to make it suck even more.

Off to the zoo in my new favorite kicks - Vans. They even make kids sizes in these. I can see some matchy matchy in our future.

This is how I like to watch TV too ;)

They rigged the game, I swear. Or I just suck at memory.

Date night near our apartment that we lived in before kids. But we seriously can't remember what we did there. Like, how the heck did we spend our time? God must block that from memory.

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