September 25, 2013

quote board

Because we all (meeee) needs some happy dappy this morning.

Leave me freaking alone, mom. I'm doing math at 7am.
And no she didn't actually say that. If she did she'd be in maj T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Avila: "I'm so brave right now I could punch a bear."

Michael, after a random conversation of I can't remember what:
    "I wish I married a black woman."

Max: "Mom, where are you going? A fashion show?"
Me (looking down at my pink running shorts and pink shoes):
    "No, I"m going on a run."
Max: "Again??"

Avila, chanting at the stop light as fast as she can: "Go green go green go green go green go green."
(Don't repeat that in public............)

Levi, at Mass: "Owie, Owie, dow (down), noooooooo, dow, owie, dow, dow, noooooooo, owie, owie, owie, owie, dow, nose, geek (cheek), nose, nose, geek, guck (stuck), owie, owie, dowwwwww."

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