October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

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1. Woke up sick this morning - I knew it was inevitable since I've been kissing sick babies and sharing food with sick babies. Oh well, if I couldn't kiss Levi for a whole two days just because he had a cold I think I'd die. So, snot and all, I still nibbled on his cheeks (on his cheeks I said, not the snot......) and braced myself for being sicky sick. I should've slept in and not gotten up with my 5:45am alarm this morning (ok, I hit the snooze a few times, it was actually 6:20) but if I roll out of bed at the same time as the kids without having coffee or doing a few emails or just letting myself wake up I'm Mom-zilla. Today it'll be garlic, garlic garlic, rest, catching up on the Project Runway season finale (DON't TELL ME WHO WON. I'M AVOIDING ALL SOCIAL MEDIA UNTIL I WATCH IT) and yes probably going for a run and then gearing up for a few Theology of the Body talks this weekend. Oh and another trail marathon.


2. Speaking of Project Runway, can I say how much I *heart* that show?! I want to learn how to make clothes (more specifically learn how to use a sewing machine without killing myself). Ah, someday. I think I like this show because they just make beautiful things (most of the time). They get to take an idea floating around their head and turn it into this beautiful creation of art and expression. Sounds kind of hippie, but really aren't we all drawn towards the beautiful? Why do you think our culture focuses so much on what dresses people wear to the Oscar's? It's because our hearts were meant for beauty. No one ever said, "There, I've had my fill of beauty. I don't ever need to see another beautiful thing again." Instead we crave more of it. And as long as we don't turn beauty into an idol, this is a good thing. WHY? Because Heaven is the most beautiful thing ever created and our hearts are restless until they are there, at one with God! So we should always be striving for beauty - not our world's view of beauty - but pure, uplifting God-filled, joy-filled beauty.

No, I didn't make these. But they are awesome.
Bringing the 90's (and Saved by the Bell) back one pant leg at a time.


3. And speaking of another marathon, I'm running it mostly because Mike committed me to the insane asylum. Well, not really but yes really. You see, there's this thing called the "Quadzilla" which is four marathons in four days. I was on the fence about it, didn't know whether I wanted to do it or not. Because if you're going to run four marathons back to back (and the trail one is actually 27 miles) you better want to do it, bad. But Mike kept telling everyone I was going to run it and I thought, "OK, sure, why not, I'll probably want to do it last minute anyway and I'm signed up for all the races just in case I wanted to do it, soooooooo....." There's not really any way to train for something like that because that could get someone injured real fast but I just need to make sure that, after my 50, I'm used to running on tired legs again. So last Saturday I did Defiance 50K (32 miles) then "ran" 12 miles Sunday (while Levi was napping, the kids were watching a movie and Mike was vegging out with football), then 6 miles Monday. And I felt grrrreat! What in the world? That's not supposed to happen. So I guess Quadzilla here I come.


4. Going to the park has to be one of my favorite things to do with the kids. It's the perfect mix of relaxation and getting to hang out with them. And going to the park when no one else is there? Heavenly. Sunday morning after church is family time and since the beach was kind of cold we hit up the park instead.


5. Does anyone else have kids who wake up with the worst stank breath in the world? Hopefully you leave a comment in the combox and say yes because I'm about to commit THEM to the insane asylum. Every morning it's like "Hi, I love you, yes you can watch a show, but first go brush your teeth NOW."  They brush them every night but still. Gross, with a capital gross.


6. The Ergo carrier (or any other carrier like it) is still my favorite baby thing. I had to run errands and didn't want to bring the stroller so I stuck Levi in it for the first time in almost 9 months. He LOVED it. He was so relaxed and I swear he was going to fall asleep. And he was snuggling with me the entire time. The perfect remedy for my baby fever, wink wink. Or would the perfect remedy be more cowbell?


7. Someone lost her first tooth! A couple weeks ago she told me it was wiggly but I didn't believe her because she's only 5 1/2. But sure enough! Michael wiggled it pretty good the other night and it "popped" which made her freak and and cry and cry. Poor thing. But when it fell out you'd have thunk it was Christmas morning.

Does anyone else think there's a resemblance???


Jen Y said...

Oh man I miss the ergo days! Sky lived in that thing for as long as possible! And, yes we have major kiddo stank breath every morning, and I have no idea why?! She brushes obsessively!

Have fun at Ft. St this weekend...I may pop on down and cheer people on!

Kristine Mauss said...

Oh good to know we're not the only one with gross morning breath!!