October 15, 2013

Five Favorites

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1. Squash: more specifically, Kabocha.

I am obsessed, in love with squash. Like can't get enough of it. I don't eat grains (gluten, corn, the like) and so I need some good healthy carbs to power running and running up and down stairs after a toddler who likes to run away. And to power carry stupid laundry up and down said stairs. Recently I have discovered kabocha squash. It has a lower carb count than butternut but is sweeter than acorn and you can eat the skin. How freaking easy is that? Wash, scoop out the seeds, slice and roast. 425deg for about 30-45 minutes. I sprinkle cinnamon and a touch of stevia on top then mix dark cocoa powder, some almond butter and almond milk together for a tasty little dip. Then I eat the whole thing. I keep cleaning out the Market of their squash load. Must. buy. more. I also love all the other squashes (is that a word? spell check thinks so) and roast one just about everyday. Get in my belly. Pronto.

This is before it gets all crispy and ah-mazing

Levi proceeded to eat half my lunch. Spaghetti squash filled with roasted hemp seed and nutritional yeast and sautéed spinach. 10 grams of protein. 100 grams of goodness.


 2. This baking set

Sticking with a food theme, this baking set from Costco. I added the lemon extract and nutmeg to the kids' pancakes and sweet visions of fall filled the house. Going to try and modify the recipes on the back to see what I can come up with. Except I suck at baking even while following the recipe so that might not turn out so well.


3. Adoration, by David Nevue

I *heart* this CD. I actually listen to it on Pandora but am seriously thinking of downloading it. It's piano praise and worship which sounds super weird but oddly it's relaxing and uplifting and always always puts me in a good mood. 


4. Mizunos

I have tried lots of different running shoes but I love Mizunos. I wear Brooks on the trails and sometimes on short runs but for the roads these take the cake. You can take this "favorite" with a grain of salt because everyone's feet are different but mine love these babies. And they just started making mine in PINK. For the record mine are the Mizuno Wave Inspires. I just hope that the new version next year doesn't suck because running shoe companies like to change things up all the stupid time. 


5. Duck Dynasty

Mike and I needed a new show to watch together while we die anxiously waiting for Downton Abby to come back for the new season. So we're hooked on Duck Dynasty. We don't have cable but we access it through our Amazon Prime account (another reason to get Amazon Prime BTW). This show is hilarious and awesome and something we both enjoy, which, when it comes to TV, is quite rare. Either give us British dramas or American rednecks and we're golden. And watching it in front of a fireplace is extra amazeballs.

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