October 7, 2013

on how to kill a blog and have a crazy fun time doing it

Yes, the way to kill a blog is to not post for 5 whole days. But I promise it wasn't intentional - the only intentional killing done around these parts is of a hangover slight headache after being gone with my hubby, celebrating with friends and family in Denver at the wedding of the year. And I mean of the year.

It was Epic.

Michael's best friend is this amazing guy who finally found this amazing woman (in a Target parking lot no less) and they had the most beautiful Catholic wedding at the Cathedral in Denver. But the celebratin' didn't start there - oh no, it started the moment we all hit the gate at SeaTac kid-less. I mean I totally crazy like missed my babies because they are just so. much. fun. But with Mike as best man and no other kidlets being brought we totally left them back with Auntie and Grandma and Grandpa for their own fun. I mean, they carved pumpkins. See, way cooler than me anyway.

This was the first plane ride in years where I wasn't digging play-dough out of my ears and having to change diapers on that little toilet seat while trying to prevent a toddler from flushing it every five seconds and then having to deal with said toddler trying to play peek-a-boo with every person in a five mile radius. This time my carry on was filled with magazines that I was actually going to get to read (?!), snacks only for me, lipstick I could actually wear, and I had a big humungous coffee right before boarding the plane because I knew I could go to the bathroom whenever I wanted. See, epic already.

Leather and heels and no diapers. All at the same time. WTheck?

Once we landed we hit Whole Foods (because I am now not only gluten and dairy free, but I'm also off sugar, yeast and meat to help heal a medical condition. Whole Foods is forever my bestest friend in the whole world. I mean, those kale chips are freaking amazing....) and then changed to hit Jonathan's house (he was the guy getting married if you didn't catch that). A few glasses of wine later we took over the Cowboy Lounge and, more specifically, the dance floor. Except always remember to double check your alcohol and don't get a wheat based version of vodka if you are allergic to wheat because you will get sick on the treadmill the next morning. Just saying.

This time it was leather, heels, and wine. WTheck X2.

We stayed up until 1am and slept in until 8:00. I think all 6 of us ladies couldn't stop talking about the fact we slept in. And we were all toast just from the first night. But that's OK, I still got in some 14 miles over a couple days (on the dread-mill with Project Runway episodes as my saving grace). Mike and I spent Friday walking and shopping downtown Denver and Friday night at the rehearsal dinner. After the dinner we all convened on a lower key, more my old-person style, bar where I could actually sit down and talk to someone (oh way better than loud music and weird people no matter how cool a Country lounge is....) and then I had the best idea ever for all us girls to come back to my room and PUT ON SWEATS and watch a movie. We all couldn't run upstairs fast enough. I mean, I love my heels but sweats are better. And the guys spent time praying over the groom (Jonathan) and having their own time giving advice about marriage and such. Thank you PLU football and coach Frosty for molding some of the best servant warrior men in this world.

ready for the snow?!

This meal is titled: DETOX.

6 mamas + 17 babies left at home = too much fun

The next day was wedding day. It was the most beautiful, traditional Catholic wedding filled with chanting and incense and lots of tears. She was beautiful and the Mass was beautiful and of course it made me fall in love all over again. You see, it's easy for a marriage of 7+ years to become stale - to just go through the motions and get caught up in the day to day without giving much thought to the wedding day way back when or why you got married in the first place. Sometimes it takes a weekend away and an amazing homily and wedding vows to rekindle that spark and remind oneself (me) that love isn't about feelings and what I want but rather about serving and being a gift.

This man. Swoon.

Well, the Mass was at 1:30 PM and we spent until 1:30 AM partying at the Irish Pub turned wedding reception. I haven't had that much fun in a loooong time. I don't think any of us had had that much fun in a long time. And when Avila asked me to show her some of my dance moves from the reception she just laughed. Bahahaha, if she only knew.

The next morning it was up early for Sunday Mass then off to the airport. I napped and probably snored the whole plane ride home and was welcomed by children who barely said hi to me because they were digging in rocks and sad that grandma and grandpa had to leave. Oh, and Levi must've grown up 5 years while we were gone because when I asked him to give me a kiss he said "No."

I don't know the next time we'll get to sneak away like that but for now I'm ready to get back to loving on my babies and being a better wife to my husband and not staying up late.

BUT I'm not so ready to be back dealing with this:

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