October 1, 2013

Phone dump 2.0

Cleaning out the phone. (and I must say how I'm digging the new iOS 7. I'm usually not one for change but I'm trying a new thing: it's called embrace) Here are some gems from September. Um, less than 90 days until Christmas??!

Football. Pizza. and Max.

Telling scary stories around the fire. I probably shouldn't have told the one about monsters eating kids while they sleep.

Levi has mastered the #selfie quite well. I think he needs his own Instagram profile. Or not. And yes those are prescription. 

A fossil finding, nose to the driveway kind of girl.

I don't normally wear sweat pants out of the house but when I do it must include (faux) leather and rockin' shoes.

My little contemplative. Just stares and stares out the window. Usually with a car or five in hand.

Reading Peter Pan atop her new bunk bed

Getting a little distracted from handwriting by a toddler who is too much fun 

And then said toddler scribbling all over her work

Max might be trying to communicate through his artwork 

If I don't have time to squeeze in a workout I'll place things at the bottom or middle of the stairs and grab them one by one. Good way to get things done and burn off some energy. Oh and puke, it's laundry

OMGoodness, baby legs. I just want to nibble nibble nibble on them

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