November 15, 2013

all over the place

Today I am thankful for technology. I mean I'm AirPlaying a movie from Amazon on my phone onto our smart TV while I type on this cool keyboard thing that's wirelessly attached to my iPad. (Except have you ever tried typing on a new keypad...sucky until you get the hang of it.) I heart technology that makes my life easier (aka: babysitting) but only when it works. Because when it doesn't work me no happy.

The kids on the other hand, they're anti-technology. I can't post a picture from my awesomely dumb iPad (don't ask me why) but they are watching a movie while sitting in cardboard boxes.

Anyway, it's been a pretty uneventful week. Except for all the snot and coughing. We were *blessed* with croup for a couple of weeks then better for a week and now something's back again. I kinda felt bad making Avila do her schoolwork yesterday but she was in her pajamas and had just had her third smoothie of the day so I didn't feel that bad. Plus it took her like 30 minutes to get it done. Either I just need to resign myself to the fact that school doesn't take long for her or I need to prepare myself that she'll be in college by the time she's 12. That could be cool. Or weird.

Max on the other hand is fairly content with playing dumb. Actually I think he is just so laid back that he doesn't care about anything. Not candy or consequences or anything else. Unless it's football. He is saying all these things and having memories that I had no idea he would remember and it's making me rethink how "out of the loop" I've made him out to be. He just knows how to play his mama.....

And now to close out this week, our Friday night movie night (Monster's University, watching in aforementioned boxes). Pizza and a movie is what the kids look forward to every week but little do they know it's really a ploy for me to get a couple hours to myself on a Friday afternoon. Now who's getting played, Max? Boom.

This weekend is fairly uneventful except I'm getting my yearly pedicure (with my sisters no less) so that will be awesome. I just avoid them because I"m nervous they will scrub off all my hard work (grossness) built up by running. And Michael has his second playoff game and then Sunday is family day. And tonight is SHARK TANK - seriously my favorite show. T-minus 2 hours.

So there's my all over the place post for the day. And now go read this. Because we all need a little joy and some tears on a Friday night.


Jen Y said...

Where do you get your pedi's? My last 3 have been horrible, cuts, jabs, thinned down polish that didn't last a week. I may only get 1 or 2 a year, but would like them to be worth it!

Kristine Mauss said...

There's a place on the corner of union and 6th called Unique Nails. They are super great!