November 5, 2013


Someone shoot me, Halloween was pure craziness around here and I just might be still recovering. It was the first holiday that the kids were old enough to get it and between the late night the night before Halloween (they couldn't sleep) and the late night the night OF Halloween there wasn't enough wine to get me through the 300 trick-or-treaters we had at our house. Thank the heaven Michael successfully convinced Avila Halloween only comes every 5 years.

Buuuut, it was fun. Mass (the kids wore their costumes), then trick-or-treating at Michael's office, then vegging out with candy, then more trick-or-treating, then more candy. We all went as The Incredibles and Mike will probably kill me for posting his picture but he is such a major daddy stud for wearing it (if you give him crap I will hunt you down......) and it's easier to ask for forgiveness right?? Anyway, I need to get myself back together before the real holiday season begins.

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