November 5, 2013

Phone dump 3.0

We can still pretend it's the end of October right?? Because it's FREAKING NOVEMBER!!!!! Seriously if time goes by this fast and faster and faster I'm going to be in my coffin before I know it........

Do you know how hard it is to decorate with candy corn and not eat it??

Max at catechism, Levi and Avila on a date

A quick stop at the market for a brownie.......

No matter where kabocha is sold, I will find it.

Mommy and Max on a date. But he needs to work on his lady skills

Football Unity Dinner, every Thursday

Trying out the new flannel trend. And behind me is my CLOSET. Given (in our old house) my closets were not even in my bedroom I just may be in love. Actually I am.

The kids wanted to play "naps." Best game ever.

For the feast of St. Teresa of Avila

Making fall trees using q-tips. My version of non-messy painting

Pumpkin rolling = awesome way to keep toddler occupied for forever

Avila beat me at Pictionary a ba-gillion times. This is supposed to be Elasta-girl from the Incredibles 

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