November 4, 2013

well, uh, yeah

I guess that's what running 92 miles in 8 days does to a person - they end up not doing anything at all. My fingers must've been sore because blogging was non-existant and while I commit (myself, to the insane asylum) to never ever apologizing for not blogging (because sometimes baby snuggles and lots of cooking have to come first) mea culpa for going over 2 weeks. Throw in loads of school, random outings, two big kids who had colds, a mommy and a baby who had croup,  and HALLOWEEN yup busy. But, either you missed me or you didn't - funny thing is I'll never know.................

Yes, 92 miles. It all started with the Defiance 50K on October 16th and ended with the Ft. Steilacoom trail marathon the following Sunday. Sooo, that was running (in miles): 32, 12, 6, rest, 5, 4, 6, rest, 27. Actually fitting in that many miles wasn't the problem - it's actually all the other crap you have to do in between to make sure you don't fall apart: ice bath, strength training, foam rolling, trigger point stuff, stretching, and managing the stupid hormones that get out of whack when you run that much. I had to put in a big week to get ready for the quad but putting in that big week also made me realize that I'm excited to back off a bit after Quadzilla. (I know I keep saying that put pinky promise this time).

I love love love the Defiance 50K (15 and 30K options) because it's on the trails I run every week (home turf) and I could barely run the 15K last year without struggling so it's kind of full circle. I've been looking forward to a looooooong run ever since my 50 miler. I can't really describe how much thinking and reflection and everything else that gets to happen when running for 6 hours. It's like a retreat, seriously. Except I didn't have that much alone time because I ran the first two loops (each loop was 10 miles) with this legend, Pedro, which was kind of awesome because he's waaaay faster than me but I was feeling great and it will probably be the only time I ever get to run the same pace as him! A running friend (an race director of the Wishbone trail marathon the day after Thanksgiving) joined me for the third loop, which by that point I was tired and he was fresh. He probably felt like he was walking while I felt like I was flying at a snail's pace. We planned on an extra loop to make it 40 or so miles but by the end my IT bands were grumpy so I called it a day and jump in the sound. An ice bath is one of the best things you can do for recovery after something like that. Oh and PS: new trail 50K PR!

Marathon/Ultra #12

The next weekend's marathon wasn't as fun because my hip flexor was tight and my IT bands were mad. I wanted to bail by mile 10 (prolly should have) but the trails at Ft. Steilacoom are fun to be on so I pushed through (prolly stupid) and hit a new trail marathon PR. Evergreen Trail Runs puts on some of the most fun, low key races around (all trails). They usually have 5K/5 mile/10 mile/half marathon/full marathon/and 50K options. Which is also great because you can choose to move up or down in distance in a middle of a race if you're feeling tired or extra good. 

Adjusting arm warmers or punching Sabrina, one of the two

Last year Ft. Steilacoom was my longest run over a half marathon (half plus 3 extra). Took this picture at the same spot I took one last year.

But enough of running. Kids just got up so rest of life blogging will have to wait (especially because Max is three and is currently finding some random thing to jump off and I have to go stop him) but in the meantime here's a little something to tie you over..........

We hope you had an Incredible Halloween!


Jen Y said...

I missed you! :) Life just gets busy sometimes!

Kristine Mauss said...

Yup. and Thank you for the being missed! Makes my heart warm and fuzzy. One of these days I will get to a fleet feet run!