March 26, 2014

Mea Culpa....

Yeah, well, like 4 months away. My bad?!

I blame it on the baby.

Yes, baby #4. Most of you (like the 5 people still reading this) probably know because we are somehow friends on Facebook or in real life (imagine that, real friends?) but for those that don't we're 6 months along with another he or she Mauss. I'm rooting for she. 'Cause I'm so over boys.

Anyway, October November December I was in basic survival mode. Eat, sleep, school, make sure no one died. And then the second trimester hit and life was just as busy (except without the puking) and the blog kinda fell to the back burner. But it kept calling me back. Actually it's more like my mind is going to explode because I have so many thoughts running through it. Thoughts on the whirlwind of the past 1/2 year and everything I have learned/am learning because of it all.

So now I'm back. And I promise I won't stay away for 4 months - mostly because there are going to be too many cute baby pictures that I won't be able to avoid posting.

If you'd like a recap of my time away it goes something like this:

Find out I'm pregnant
Celebrate a couple holidays
Fold laundry
Run 4 marathons
Homeschool a first grader and preschooler and do lots of field trips
Fold laundry
Finish settling into a new home
Lead some marriage/marriage prep workshops
Grow a baby
Fold laundry
Deal with a crazy/intense/super adoable toddler boy
Get away to Maui
Celebrate your husband's 35th birthday

Whew. No wonder I took a nap yesterday. (Oh, actually that was from a gluten reaction. Yup. Last day on vacation we were all hit. Stupid Froyo.) And because I taught the kids how to sort/fold/put away laundry my life has finally freed up enough to come back to the blog-o-sphere. Yay for less laundry!

So I shall leave you with the real reason you come back to visit. A look at the blonde-not-so-babies gracing my days. Because in 4 months time they get all growed up.....

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janzi said...

WEll, you surely make some healthy handsome children and this one will join the gang, and whether you have girl or boy, I am sure the others will make her/him most welcome!! I was lucky to stagger mine in stages, I had a boy, then girl then girl all in 4 years, then seven years later a boy and then 17months later another boy, so all evened out in the end.. Never thought I would be mum to three strapping boys, now men,2 glorious career women who also have families..
and being grandmother to 10!! where do the years go??

I am happy for you that the sickness has eased, I was so lucky to avoid those terrible times.. so, now relax and enjoy your tummy getting bigger and then baby will arrive and its all starting over again, but what fun despite all the tiredness.. there is nothing more beautiful than to be able to carry and deliver beautiful healthy children, and you look as though you've already got that part sorted!! good luck and I hope the rest of the time goes easy, and I look forward to reading all about your life together** Hugs from across the pond.. janzi