April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1.This is what I get for asking Avila to watch Levi for 5 seconds while I enjoy throw back a cup of coffee before I go change his massive morning diaper. Except this picture was from last week. This morning when I went to get him he was so pathetic and sick and cuddles barely snapped him out of it. Still has a temperature. Still complaining about the owie on his toe (and tummy and bottom). Still complaining that my shoulder is "broken" because he can't find his sweet spot to snuggle on.

2. With all the crying/cuddling from Levi yesterday it was pretty much a napping, schooling, not picking up, listening to the kids sing pretend Lion King African kind of day. I fell asleep while rocking Levi before his nap and me falling asleep usually means baby is growing. Combine that with eating everything in sight, being tired, uncomfortable growing stretching belly, that means baby is packing on the pounds. But baby packing on the pounds means he or she will have those characteristic Mauss chunky legs and squishy cheeks. In that case, grow baby grow.

3. This is how you protect white Pottery Barn bedding from a sick kid. I guess Mr. Wolf would have to take the fall. Our bedroom/bed is the one place the kids can't go into unless they ask. Therefore I can justify the white….right? A sicky toddler however is one exception I will make, with protective elements of course. Cuddling with animals and watching Thomas the Train will cure any ailment. That and lots of Kombucha. But oh my poor baby - just walking around the house, moaning. The only thing that would make him crack a smile was crawling around like puppies. With mom.

4. From Avila's 1st grade Singapore Math, Challenge Problems book. I *dislike* word problems so I'm having to suck it up and learn along with her. I almost gave myself a sticker when we finished.

5. Five Favorites from last week included the hair cleanser WEN. Well, I'm still in love. This is day 4 of hair that has had nothing done to it except for washing, let air dry, wear wavy for a couple days, in a pony tail the next day, then I finally brushed it and it came out like this. I have sucky hair (dry, can't blow dry it to look like anything for the life of me) so I consider this product a win for my curly weird hair. On my face is my Shiseido skin care (coming in next week's five favorites) and my only make-up on is their BB Cream. From someone who had land mines of dryness and pregnancy hormonalness growing all over her face this stuff has worked wonders. Now to only find a cream that prevents your nostrils from flaring when you take a picture. 


6. Sound the alarm: WE JUST DID A CRAFT PROJECT. If that's not enough, I put crap all over my fridge. Can I now be canonized with Blessed John Paul on Sunday? Let's get an Amen. 

7. I call this picture: high maternity fashion. 

And for kicks: TGIF

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