April 15, 2014

A birthday boy and a girls only weekend

We are seriously trying to live it up before baby comes and we hibernate. I love hibernating, really and truly. But I also love this time to be able to focus on the big kids and have the time to blow up balloons and make a cake out of a box and not screw it up. Because I have done that before. Many a time…

Max turned 4 last Thursday, finallllyyyyy. He was the last out of the kids (and Michael) to have a birthday this spring so he had to wait so patiently through everyone else's cakes and special days. So we (namely Avila and I the master party planners) made sure to make him an extra special day. 

Last day of being three. In other words, playing house with Avila as mom, Max as dad, and Levi as the psycho kid.

We filled up his room with balloons and he awoke to a surprise. Red and blue obviously mean a Spiderman theme except a random green one snuck in and while blowing them up late at night we thought some of the pink ones were red. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

Avila made all these special pictures of her and Max. Love love love that girl.

And then she jacked his Spiderman suit so she could go skateboarding...

This is the cake that I almost but DID NOT SCREW UP. True love is picking out all the red and blue M&Ms and conveinience is using his Spiderman doll as an accessory. 

On Saturday, Avila and I headed up to Seattle for some serious(ly tiring) mother/daughter time. Great Wheel, Pier, Farmer's Market, Shopping, coffee date with my sister, Pike's Place, taxi ride, swimming, hotel movie in bed, staying up late, Mass, Kerry Park, and the PNB Ballet. 24 hours in, however, we were both desperately missing daddy and the boys. I think Avila might have cried halfway through the ballet because she wanted to get home to play with Max. 

I guess she would turn down a GF muffin for two hard boiled eggs. 

And some just-turned-7-months-pregnant bigness goodness.

So thankful for our time together. But while it was fun and we had some good memories I think we both realized that some of our most special moments are spent just day-to-day. The hugs in the morning. The talks at night (of which Michael doesn't understand at all…."how can girls talk THAT long???") It made me realize that once we add another kid to this growing family that the other ones really won't be forgotten. As long we we just remain present and keep life slow and simple they will get all the love and time and attention they need.

But for now it's time to keep ignoring them (like I have all morning) and go make lunch or something.


K. James said...

I can't even tell you how much a love this particular post. You are an inspiration. Maybe I should book an appointment to be your 'shadow' for a week and learn how you do it :)

Kristine Mauss said...

Aw, too kind!! And come book away, haha. Our kids are the same age so a playdate would be fun!