April 8, 2014

Five Favorites

Linking up with Moxie Wife for the weekly "Five Favorites" thing.

1. Starbucks Verrismo Espresso Machine
Came home with this baby after a recent auction and it's been super cool. Often I'm not in the mood for a big cup of coffee (say WHAT?!!!) but I still require/desire/long for the caffeine. Insert espresso. I usually top my morning off with an Americano and this thing is easy to use, heats up fast, and (despite not liking regular Starbucks coffee) tastes pretty darn good. Got the milk frother to go with it and I'll whip up some frothy almond milk goodness and lick the foam off like an ice cream cone. TMI???

It's the one on the far left, next to the Keurig. The only thing I'm annoyed about is adding something on to the counter. My non-favorite thing is counter clutter.

2. WEN
Ever seen that infomercial with the guy with the longish hair advertising the "no lather" shampoo that'll supposedly change your life? Well, IT DOES. I first heard of WEN a couple years ago right after Levi was born and I watched QVC late at night to pass the nursing time. And in March I finally pulled the trigger to try it out. A-flipping-mazing. I noticed immediately, after the first washing, that my hair was thicker, softer and super easy to style. And if you know me, I don't style. No really, I hate spending time on my hair. My go-to is wash, stick in some curling cream (more on that in the next favorite), put into a braid, sleep on it, and then don't do anything except for curl unruly bangs for the next few days. I even did an experiment to see how long I could go without washing my hair so see if it got dry or oily or gross. ELEVEN DAYS LATER I finally threw in the towel and washed it although I bet I could've gone longer. Some tips: brush hair out completely before washing. For the application apply to roots, middle, and ends then rinse. Repeat and leave in for the rest of your shower. Rinse out and apply a quarter size to ends. That's it. I'm sold. The Pomegranate is the only version that's gluten free and I bought the big bottle on Amazon (waaay cheaper than QVC or WEN.com) and I think it'll last me 3-4 months at the rate I'm going.
Love Love Love.

UPDATE: DON'T EVER TOUCH WEN. IT'LL MAKE YOUR HAIR FALL OUT. I learned the hard way, sniffle sniffle tear.

Just WEN in the hair a baby on my lap and Maui in the background.
Yes, please.

3. Pureology Colour Stylist Illuminating Curl Cream
Keeping on the topic of hair I love this curl cream. Totally not crunchy and it makes my weird random waves turn into beachy goodness. Just scrunch in lightly after towel drying then let air dry or diffuse. I've had my bottle over a year and am only half way through!

4. Monogrammed Cards
I love having random cards with our last initial on them. They make for such quick and easy thank you's, thinking of you's, or whatever else cards. I collect them whenever I find them on sale at Target or whatever other random place I might be in. I actually just like cards in general. How fun are they to get? Not just the birthday cards but the out of the blue thinking of you cards. It must be the fact that someone took the time to write, address, and send a note.

5. Target Maternity Tanks
$12.99. Super thick and stretchy. Don't fade. Don't look maternity-ish and therefore wearable after pregnancy. I'm usually not a fan of Target clothes (don't get me wrong they are cute. They just don't last for me beyond two days of wear and tear). I'll probably do a separate post on my maternity clothing favorites in general but these babies (bahaha no pun intended) go the distance. I've worn them to a variety of different events/days out and with sweats or skirts.

No, these aren't tank tops. But they are Levi's favorite thing. I'm just glad I pulled the covers back before I climbed in.

And now my least favorite thing of the day: Screaming. But I guess if it goes along with a rousing game of hide-and-seek I won't go bonkers…....Maybe.

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