April 24, 2014


OK, God read my last post. And He must have had an extra cup of coffee because He decided to head into action and, like, intervene or something big like that.

If you didn't catch the drift of my Easter Daybook the theme emerged that life needs to slow down a bit. Really we aren't doing that much more than normal things: school, kids, family, work, a few other things. However it all adds up. The errand here. The meeting there. The emails here. The weekend away there. And when life hands you some majorness (like busy busy busy for the husband at work) and getting ready for a 4th baby (among other things) there leaves little room for sitting down and just, well,


I don't do stress. Or multi-tasking. I *hate* it when I get to the point of being grumpy with my kids just because my own world is too messy. These are just things I choose not to have in my life so when they creep up (like being super frantic and having to remember/to do a million things at once) I know this is when things need to change - when I need to cut something out. However, cutting out is hard. It means giving up certain things that are good and right in and of themselves. And when you don't have the strength to cut them out, sometimes God does it for you.

I just wish it didn't come in the form of puke.

Yesterday afternoon Levi woke up from his nap with a 102deg fever and, at dinner, decided to leave his dinner all over e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Fun times if you're idea of a workout is scrubbing stuff on your hands and knees. Michael and I were slated to head away this weekend to Leavenworth - our only second weekend away since the kids were born. Ironic enough that this is the only time all cold/flu season we've been sick…...We were of course looking forward to our time together (oh lawdy and the sleeeeping in) but I knew right away that it wouldn't be right for us to leave. With a chance of the big kids getting sick or, worse, getting the sitter sick, I called off our reservation (they were appreciative we wouldn't be tracking any viruses over to the other side of the mountains) and now we are scheduled to have a quiet weekend home with our babies. Which, to be honest, is just what we need.

Sure, Michael and I need to get away. But our marriage isn't going to fall apart if we don't get two whole days away together. It will fall apart, however, if we are so rushed from here to there that we don't have time to just be. God took away something good to perhaps (no, I know) give us something better: that being a movie on the couch, NO PLANS, time to not worry about the house being messy, time together as a family to ride bikes around the block, and maybe a nap in there somewhere? Yes, please.

Being open to a change in plans is not easy. Yet the fruit that can result if we just let go will be better than what we originally thought we wanted. Oddly enough, I am more at peace with staying home than getting to have this adventure. The time away will come but getting these moments of respite and doing nothing are few and far between. So, I'll take it.

So much for not getting sick after Max's well-child check up last week, bahahaha.

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Jen Y said...

Enjoy the down time and I hope everyone feels better!