April 8, 2014

This weekend

With baby around the corner we are trying to cram as much fun into our days so that we can have a hall pass to slow down and do nothing for a couple months this summer. Oh, who am I kidding. I already have a cabin booked two weeks after I'm due (for my birthday weekend, wahooooo) so that we can go cheer on the runners at the White River 50. Hey, If I can't run those mountains I'll at least stare at them and dream about it and cheer on the people who can.

Max will be 4 in just a couple of days so we took to the bowling alley for some last-days-as-a-3-year-old fun. (Whoa that's hard to type that many hyphens….and to spell the word hyphen). I actually didn't suck and I beat Michael. It may or may not have had something to do with the bumpers. Avila beat all the kids and Levi beat Max. But maybe that's because Max kept throwing his ball into the other lanes. I think their favorite part was the gigantic soda.

Then on Sunday we got to go to the Lion King. Such an amazing show. The music and the costumes were incredible. And now the kids are singing pretend African (my life is a musical in and of itself, I tell you) and we plan on making our own Lion costumes this week. That is, if you don't find us outside enjoying this randomly awesome warm spring week.

And now it's time to go figure out Max's birthday cake. He wants a Spiderman cake but I don't do complicated so I think I might just whip something out of a box and stick his Spiderman doll on top. Done and done.

Happy Tuesday!

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