April 27, 2014

this weekend…actually this is a complaining post

Well, it turns out the big kids never got anything (sick-wise) and while Levi does have a little lingering cold, I figured out that the main culprit of the puking/fevering/crying unless he's cuddling with only MOM are his….drum roll please…molars.

Yup. Silly little teeth causing all that drama. Except after 6 years of parenting one should know that teeth are a big deal. A baby is teething for a million months before anything pops through and then when the big ones come in, watch out. The amber teething necklace (which worked wonders on Levi by the way) had nothing on these two years molars. And just like girls living in the same house, um, time things up (if you know what I'm saying. If you don't count yourself lucky) apparently kids under the same roof get teeth in at the same time. Avila is cutting some of her permanent molars this weekend and I'm handing out the Motrin like candy. Except with Max I pretend.

Now that we're on the upswing…Well, the kids are on the upswing. I'm on the middle-to-down-swing - mostly because my iron levels are still low…and no amount of supplements (two a day, yes taken with VitC and no not with coffee), green leafy vegetables, or other tricks seem to be raising it. Having low iron really is the epitome of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (Except this day keeps repeating itself.) Last year I was running ultra-marathons for months despite undetected low iron levels (actually it was a doctor who told me they were normal when in fact I was almost depleted) and my 50-miler sucked the last bit of life from me. I spent the next three months finally getting it back up and literally the week I was feeling ah-mazing again is the week I got pregnant. Aaaaaand then, just like any good mother, I'm giving all my goods to the little iron-sucking beautiful baby inside me. First trimester I felt it, second trimester I was actually feeling super duper great, and now that I've hit 30 weeks I feel like I've been hit by a truck again. It doesn't help that even more energy is being used to grow this probably blonde-haired/blue eyed (but maybe crazily dark haired) baby as he or she is going through a growth spurt. (My two hour nap today told me so). In addition to the exhaustion, other fun goings on of low iron are nausea (wohooo), dizziness (that one's fun), and depression (I almost cried today people). Watching that last one closely. 'Cause I've had it before and that's no fun for anyone. My said two-hour nap brought me down from tear level to *just* grumpiness.

After all that drama I set before you (I bet my iron levels are really exciting….) I do have a plan. 1) follow doctor's orders and take it easy although that's like a death sentence to a runner. 2) turn my children into slaves that wait on me hand and foot while I claim exhaustion and veg out in bed (while watching Parenthood of course). 3) demand that baby share iron with me because with three siblings it's  going to have to learn how to share quickly, right. 4) say "oh well" and grunt it out for two more months. And 5) wear pink lipstick and be happy.

Pink lipstick fixes everything.

And even though I can't run (marathons. Oh how I'm crrrrrraving one of those) I can wear my hot pink marathon maniac jacket. And that's just going to have to give me as much of a boost as a nice long run.


Jen Y said...

So close to having your body back to yourself (well except for the nursing) but you know what I'm saying...you'll get your energy back and be running like a maniac again soon! Hang in there, and I know it's hard, but try and enjoy the down time. Get caught up on TV/books/magazines/blogs. :)

Val said...

You've probably tried this, but do you use a cast iron skillet? We use cast iron and my iron levels are usually surprising to my OB.

Kristine Mauss said...

Thanks for the tip Val! And Jen you are so right. I'll be back at it soon enough and then I'll probably want to be pregnant again hahaha