May 6, 2014

5 favorites - the Shiseido edition

On a random outing to the make-up counter at Nordstrom almost a year and a half ago, I stumbled across the skin care line, Shiseido. At the time I thought all skin care was the same OR I just didn't care because I was still in my twenties. Enter into the scene a fabulous salesperson/skin care expert who gave me a free facial and sent me home with a sample of one of their moisturizers. From then on, I was hooked….Pretty much all of their skin care products are amazing. I am almost to the point of no make-up. Or at least just a swipe. (Because pink lipstick sure makes diaper changing a wee bit more bearable.) Here are a few of my favorite products and how they've transformed my skin. Click the link for each product.

1. SPF
I never was a sunscreen person - maybe only on vacation. Maybe. But after being drilled over and over about sun damage I thought I better start now so I'm not kicking myself in the pants later. The Shiseido SPF doesn't cause breakouts and it comes in a lotion form (SPF40 which I put on every morning now under my make-up - rain, clouds, or sun) or it comes in a BB Cream which has a tint and then you seriously need no other make-up other than that. Done and done.

2. Softener
After I wash my face I swipe a cotton pad of this softener all over to remove any residue and add back moisture. My skin is somewhat dry so this stuff really helps. I always thought softener/toner was unneeded but now that I use it I probably won't go back. The big bottle lasts about 5 months.

3. Serum - *Miracle Worker
Throughout my pregnancy I had these raised red bumps/dry patches all over my cheeks and chin (and forehead and nose). They were kinda painful. I asked my gal and she told me to start using this serum and while I thought it was a bunch of hype (I mean serum, c'mon) I was desperate because my face hurt. Literally. Within a week of using this everything cleared up - bumps gone, dryness gone, uneven skin gone. I use it right after the softener. I'm guessing this will last me about 4-6 months.

4. Moisturizer.
Hands down my favorite product of them all. If I could pick one this would be it. Kind of spendy but within two days of using it, the clerk at Costco commented on how my skin was. Weird and cool in the same. I went away from this for about 6 months (to Clinique but then they started putting BARLEY in ALL of their products and for this celiac that was out evidenced by the horrible breakouts). It leaves my skin soft and glowing and I just want to bathe in it. Mmmmmmm. Lasts me about 4-6 months depending on how much I lather it on. I should hold back but oh so guuud.

5. BB Cream
Just started using this and the coverage is great, it has SPF 35, and it is perfect for the days when I have 5 seconds to get ready. I rinse with cold water, throw on my moisturizer, this BB Cream, some mascara, blush, and PINK lipstick and I'm good to go. Or I just wear this. Because sometimes it gets hard to kiss babies while wearing lipstick. I'm guessing this will last me a good 6 months.

And because I got a free mask and because I'm totally into humiliating ma-self. The end.

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