May 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes. On a Tuesday.

These were meant for last week. But I like living on the edge.

1. Quoteboard

Levi: I sleep well.
Me: Oh that's nice buddy.
Levi: I dreamed.
Me: What did you dream about?
Levi: I touch my poopy.

2. I totally failed my one-hour glucose test. Like super high sugar numbers. But doc figured it was just a shock to my system and let me test my blood sugar for a few days. All in the clear and now I don't have to drink that pure sugar grossness on a bigger scale. Amen and thank you. On another random note, I wear the apron while I eat because apparently I drop everything onto ma belly. And yes, bellies are good for hiding under.

3. I totally need this, right? Because it looks so awesome.

Actually I need this. Because every pregnant woman wants to wear a crop top to show off her belly button ring. (for the record no BB ring over here. Although Levi tried to stab me with a toy in my tummy so that might have given me one accidentally)

4. Keeping with the baby theme. I found Max like this the other night. I think he's ready for his new sibling. Or he has issues.

5. My favorite snack. Mmmmmmm. Kombucha and pistachios. Let me add some pickles and baby will turn green and I will be happy and content.

6. My sister and I threw my other sister a bridal shower (she's getting married!!!) a couple weeks ago and we played the "make a wedding dress out of toilet paper" game. Guess who Auntie picked as the winner?

7.  Super easy craft out of packing peanuts. Dip them in a bit of water and they stick together. Mom award goes to me for crafting.

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Jen Y said...

I had no idea about the packing peanuts. I kinda want to go order a package now just so Sky can play with some!