May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes - the super quick have to do other things edition

1. Is this supposed to be a female doll?

2. Levi's prayers have been all over the place. Last week he prayed for grandpa, screwdriver, cracker, poop. And now he just prays for a rock. At least he tries to bless my forehead at dinner. With avocado all over his hands. Holiness comes in the form of avocado sometimes.

3. What is more painful than a really big contraction? How about running into the couch belly first during it…...

4. Avila built me a Lego house. I kind of want to move here.

5. Levi constantly, incessantly, ALL THE FREAKING TIME asks "where going? where going? where going?" (two hours later) "where going? where going? why? why? why? why? why? why?" I lost it on him yesterday. In Target of all places.

6. Good morning sunshine.

7. Now it's off to pack and prep for my sister's bridal shower this coming weekend. Avila and I and a train trip and a party. I wuv love.

Happy Weekend! 

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