May 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1. Max, after washing his hands in the bathroom: "Mom, what are these towels doing on the rack for?"
Me: "Well, um, good question. They are there to look nice."
Max: "That's dumb."

2. I'm tempted to start telling strangers I'm due any day now (or at least say I'm due in a couple weeks) because, really, the stares and comments from the round ol' belly are getting annoying. (Can you tell I'm in the third trimester and just, well, annoyed.) Conversations usually end up something like this:

Them: When are you due?
Me: Oh about 9 weeks.
Them: Whoa, you sure are huge. OR Whoa, you've got a long way to go. OR Whoa, you look like you're about to pop any second now.
Me: Why thank you. Would you like my 4-year-old to punch you in the face?

Just kidding. I only think it in my head and it comes out as an eye roll a polite little chuckle. I think most pregnant women are used to these sorts of things and it's fairly easy to shrug off and chalk it up to people's subjectiveness and the fact that it's just "something you say." But there really should be a list floating around behind all pregnant women's backs that reads: THINGS NOT TO SAY TO A WOMAN IN THE THRID THRID TRIMESTER WHEN THEY FEEL HORMONAL AND LIKE THEY'RE CARRYING A BEACH BALL.

3. On the flip side of numero two's rant, this I love. My usually vacant parking spot in front of the Market. It was taken one time and Avila got huffy and wondered who took "our spot." And, kids in tow or not, they carry all my groceries out to the car and load them up and put the cart back. Swoon.

4. A big huge wrap my arms around you hug to all my friends/marathon maniacs running the Tacoma City Marathon this weekend. Sniffle Sniffle I can't run it with you but no go. Don't want baby to fall out. If I were 9 months along I'd attempt it (ya know, just to get things started) but alas a baby this early would be, um, not good. So I will cheer loudly and be there at the finish to root you in. Next year, baby. No, not baby next year. I meant running TCM next year. Just in case you were wondering.

5. Some Levi goodness. Because he's growing up too fast and that sucks. Except for the "coming out of the stupid screaming toddler stage" - that part is awesome.

6. Michael came home a few weeks ago with an early birthday for moi. My new stand up paddle board. (Am I dorkish if I walk around saying "Was SUP?") Before becoming a runner I was totally never adventurous. But somehow that cracked a shell and now you will find me in the middle of the sound peacefully row row rowing away. Tried it once last year in Maui and fell in love and since we live .5 seconds from the water, I really don't have an excuse to not take advantage of it. So yesterday we threw the kids in the car and I took an inaugural spin on the board. (I think she needs a name……) But Levi screamed the whole time I was out on the water. I thought he just missed me, but really he wanted a turn. Avila got to go out with Michael and Levi still screamed (I thought we were done with this, buddy) but since we forgot his life jacket, daddy ended up taking the big kids back home and I stayed back for some peace and quiet on the water, in the sun. Hashtag awesome.

7. OK, I'm looking for suggestions of places to buy a mirror for our master bedroom, online or in store. I'm looking for one of those tall corner mirror type things that could maybe just rest against the wall. It's like the last corner I need something in and it's bugging me empty. Something about 5-6 feet, perhaps with a light wood or linen/rope edge. Thanks and Muwah! XOXO

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