May 6, 2014

This weekend...

I sat down after quite a relaxing morning to write this post about our past weekend (thinking I had tons of time) but then I got dinking around the dumb internet and now I have 5 minutes to spew out my brain. That is if I can spew in between coaching up a kid on the piano and breaking up boy fights about rocket ships every 5 seconds.

Blahhhhh. Rip hair out.

Actually I'll keep my hair. Things are on the upswing: my energy, our schedule, even the boys are learning how to be lovers not fighters. If I could drink I'd toast to that.

This was a pretty good weekend and it was a mix of laid back and fun and painting fingernails. The rain sucked but at least it held off for Sunday morning and the Tacoma City Marathon.  Saturday Avila and I attended a pajama birthday party (the best kind…AND all the food was gluten/dairy free which made Avila freak out because she could eat EVERYTHING) then we lounged for the afternoon, did Mass, and had some neighbor friends over for a movie night. You know you have good neighbors when you can text them to bring you floss because you are desperate. Love you, Katie! XOXO

Sunday morning was the marathon and I think my body knew what was up because I craved pancakes the night before (actually I wanted a cinnamon roll but had to settle) and I had toast for breakfast (my usual pre-race fuel) donned my running clothes and headed out to be cheer squad. I think my running clothes was a subconscious move because I packed my race bib "just in case" I wanted to give birth  run. But no such running happiness. It was super fun, however, cheering people on and being on the other side of the fence. I got to say hello at the start then set out with our papa Honey Badger to court marshall at the 6 mile point. I literally got to see EVERYONE! So much fun. Except not much fun watching running form…it looked like half the people were going to lose limbs. After all the half and full marathoners passed through I grabbed some hot coffee and made my way down to the finish where I got to hang for a few hours with all my running buddies, and then some. Of course I would have loved to have crossed that finish line but I will for sure never take for granted another marathon! Me want one. I know I know, soon enough. But there is something about completely pushing your limits and taking yourself to the edge that brings life to the soul. Ah, getting philosophical am I.

After I got home I wanted a hot bath but settled for my sweats and the fire. And I was hungry. Silly body thought I ran. Then I spent the afternoon painting fingernails with Avila, making grain free bread (except I subbed in sunbutter for the cashew butter so Max could have some but sunbutter turned it green which made the kids want it more which meant less for me) and playing legos and not talking about how much I miss marathoning. Oh how this baby is loved to give up marathons, wink wink hug hug. For pictures of the weekend follow me on Instagram under mamakristine23. Mostly because I'm too lazy to repost them here.

And now I must note that there is peace and quiet and a girl doing math work and boys PLAYING TOGETHER AND LAUGHING in my house. Be still my heart.

Crap. here comes the fighting.

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