May 21, 2014

this weekend…plus a few extra days

Busy busy 'twas the weekend…but all in good (stayed up waaaay too late) fun. Both Friday and Saturday nights was the annual auction at the Catholic school Michael attended as a kid and that I taught at for a couple years before Avila was born. Even though we homeschool, we will always support our local Catholic school because it is such a great place and does amazing things for its students. I just wish support didn't keep me up past my bedtime (insert shocked face emoticon here. and if you don't know what an emoticon is pat yoself on the back because then you will spend all your time thinking of ways to write things to go along with those cute little pictures).

Oh and support means you end up coming home with a doll house taller than your oldest child. New rule, however: no naked Ken in the bathtub and no weird monster barbie eerily peering from the top……..

OK, I admit, the late nights were fun. (Especially when you get to spend one of them in a teal sequin dress. Baby was blingin'.) But perhaps waking up after only 5 hours of sleep (Saturday morning to do bootcamp, Sunday morning church) wasn't all that fab. I tried make sure to guarantee I at least got aforementioned 5 hours sleep by bunking with Avila (top bunk, that was fun to climb up into) because if Michael has 1.5 glasses of wine then he snores. (I'm pretty sure he still doesn't read this blog. If so, love you XOXO)

(OK, done with parentheses.)

On Saturday, even though I was tuckered from late night and working out, Avila begged me to stay with her at her trail running group. Ugh, she hit me in my weak spot: trails. They ended up running at least a couple miles and I think I was slower than her. The warm smell of the sun in the trees made it all worth it, and getting this freaking awesome shot of her running made it worth it, too. Look at that form. So. proud.

My form involved some log sitting as to ward off baby from falling out.

Sunday after church we lazed around and had grandma and grandpa over for brunch. After that Michael took the big kids to the ballet at Avila's ballet school while Levi napped and I FINALLY GOT BABY STUFF DONE!!! Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Clothes down and washed, hospital registration, birth plan, hospital gifts for kids once baby comes, random other crap ordered because apparently things get Ga-ross after 3 kids and 6 1/2 years of using them.

Then we all snuggled on the couch and kissed the weekend adios. With UP. Like the cutest movie ever.

And since I said a few extra days, why not some pictures from Monday and Tuesday. Because today is Wednesday?! That means almost another week gone by?! Someone give me a clock so I can press pause.

Trains. All the trains.

And a half naked baby on a big wheel.

And the park. All to ourselves.

And grain-free bread (which I may or may not have hid from everyone else).

And the zoo. But don't be dumb like me and go at the end of May when 500 field trip groups are running around. #zoofail

And a great way to let out all the 4-year-old energy before dinner.

Peace out.

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