June 10, 2014

Well, that was an interesting day.

Suns out, guns out. Or in the case of the blog: sun's out, blogging go bye bye because I do nothing except the bare minimum to make sure we spend all our time outside. There. That was my explanation for being gone for 2 weeks.


Actually we have been quite busy. (In a super fun, let's totally live it up until the baby comes, sort of way.) Except busy yesterday meant baby almost came.

Explanation: On the way to the dentist yesterday I was in a minor fender bender (Avila thought everyone was going to die and cried until her eye balls almost fell out…) and, while it was only at about 5mph, the jolt was enough to warrant a call to the doc. And for the record, any car accident should be a call to the doc, which I'm proud of myself for doing because in crappy situations I usually just suck it up and deal. In this case, no sucking up. After all 3 kids' teeth cleanings (and discovering 2 cavities in Avila, wahoo) it was back home to make lunch, thank grandma and grandpa a million times for rushing over, and then off to the ER for monitoring. My back was sore and I was having some tightness but baby looked good and I was told to take it easy and, like, not run for a few days.

Booooo. I guess it takes a car accident to make a Honey Badger take a break.

I got out of labor and delivery (despite the circumstances, so freaking exciting to be there because in a little over 3 weeks I will get to meet our baby there!!!) in enough time to make it to my own dentist appointment (of course had to pick up the dry cleaning first) then back home to do dinner, math test with Avila, bed, and crash with Project Runway. Poor baby daddy is out of town on a business trip and I didn't want him to worry throughout all his million meetings so I turned into a good wife (imagine that) and took care of all the insurance stuff. Gold star for me.

Despite the crapiness of a car accident at 36 weeks pregnant, there is an upside: I got three hours, resting in bed, in the middle of the day, with a view like this.

Hey, there's always a bright side to everything.

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Jen Y said...

Really glad the car accident was not any worse, and everyone is ok! Sometimes forced relaxation is just what we need. :)