August 12, 2014

4 weeks and one day

Well, crap. Apparently it gets sunny and I have a baby (who is 4 weeks and one day today) or something and I put off everything except napping in said sun and nursing said baby. And what do I have to show for it? (besides an empty blog). Well, how about a rocking' tan and a baby growing chunkier by the minute. (Oh and three other kids doing the summer thing and trying not to kill each other...)

So let's back this timeline train up and I'll fill you in on the happenings of our life (besides the tan - already mentioned that.)

Well, at 40 weeks PLUS 5 FREAKING DAYS our beautiful baby GIRl was born. I kept joking to myself she wouldn't come until I blogged and she never came and eventually had to get kicked out. Birth story to come (because rain is forecasted for tomorrow and the next and I might actually blog). So here she is in all her glory:

Lourdes Marie
7lb. 11oz ~ 19in.
July 14th 10:55pm

I totally guessed it right: 8lb dark haired girl was my prediction. Points for mommy intuition.

People, she is so beautiful. And super crazy laid back. I was grumpy about having a newborn - especially in the summer when I could be doing all sorts of outside things instead of stuck inside with a baby - but I knew that the moment we met this little one I would get over it and fall in love. And fall in love have I. Plus with her super napping skillz and mom vowing to teach her how to sleep from the beginning, I'm getting my outside time...booooonus.

Over this next week I'll catch you up on the last bits of this experimentally awesome pregnancy, how Lola (what we call her) is doing, how the big kids are, and the other crazy goings on in our household. But for now pour a cold one (mine will have alcohol 'cause I can drink that now, Amen?) and drool over these. Just don't droll into your drink.

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