August 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1. 6 weeks old is a mental checkpoint - halfway done with the newborn stage. What I failed to remember was the growth spurt (Lola) and the crying (meeeeee) that usually comes with said time. Sometimes, even when life is going well and there is so much to be thankful for, you just need to lose it and freaking cry. You need to throw things (OK, at least *I* need to throw things) and then go for a run in the rain and get over it. Plus talking to a good friend helps. This baby thing gets easier but it never gets easy. Just when you "have them figured out and you think you're the best mom ever" they change everything on you and then you think you suck. But we're getting it figured out and in the meantime it started raining so maybe that means I'll stop staring outside wishing I could sleep and get a tan and actually get stuff done. Ah, screw getting stuff done. I have this to snuggle with:

2. After watching Cinderella again the other day Avila decided to be at my beckon call. That meant I had someone to sort and fold the laundry. But then she got bored after the towels and left the rest for me.

3. Obsessed with Strivectin. I bought the wrinkle/stretch mark cream pack at Costco and within 4 weeks my stretch marks were pretty much faded away. Stretch marks from like 3 babies ago. If only they would get rid of the poochy pooch. These cute babies sure like to stretch everything out.

4. So I'm typing this blog and thinking I have all this time time type this blog (kids are done with school, Lola is napping, kitchen is clean...for now). But I just realized that in 5 seconds I will be starving because I haven't had lunch yet, Levi needs a nap, and that Lola will be up any minute clamoring to nurse. Shiz is about to hit the fan people.

5. A bottle of Kombucha, a handle of pistachios, and some honeydew later and lunch is done...Now time to go throw Levi in his bed for a nap. Except Lola is napping in his room and I have to put him down in Max's room which will be the first time he's slept in there. We've been prepping him for weeks about moving into the boy's room and whenever someone would ask him if he was excited about baby coming he would say, "No get outta bed." This is either going to be awesome or a disaster...

…verdict? WIN!!

6. I'm not a huge fan of sitting down to play cars or Legos but sometime you gotta do what you gotta do. And you make the best of it: like with my freaking awesome paddleboard creation. She just needs a head.

7. This weekend we have NOTHING people. Epic amounts of napping, baby snuggling, non-chore-doing, and hanging out. Currently sitting in bed with Avila watching a movie (boys are playings cars or something) and Lola will probably join the girls soon (to eat) and I have a feeling some Thai take-out is in order for dinner. #TGIF

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