September 2, 2014

Sunday Funday. Not.

Saturday: Awesome.

Sunday: Kind of awesome.

On the way to 8am Mass I was all proud of myself for getting 4 kids shipped off to church on a weekly basis at the butt crack of dawn. (Should I be using butt crack and church in the same sentence?) We have a rocking' routine: up at 6:30. Mike showers/gets ready while I down my coffee and make toast for the kids. Always toast. Jam for Max. Almond butter for Avila. Both for Levi. at 6:50 I head upstairs to get ready, Mike gets the kids dressed (clothes out the night before), and feeds them breakfast. At 7:15 I get Lola up, do a quick nursing, and we are out the door by 7:35. Boom shakalaka.

Once we got to Mass I sat in the back to finish nursing Lola and two seconds in I hear it. You know…the blowout. Except I didn't know it was a blowout (for those unfamiliar that means a diaper that doesn't stay in the diaper) until I got to the bathroom. There goes the pretty outfit. (Hers, not mine, thank the heavens.) OH BUT WHAT THE EFF I DON'T HAVE BABY WIPES. Macgyver time: wet paper towels. New diaper on, clothes all wrapped up and SHE POOPED AGAIN. OK, more paper towels, new diaper, except this time SHE POOPED again BEFORE I COULD FINISH PUTTING THE DIAPER ON. At least I had one more diaper in my arsenal and after that was on (and the ugly green and yellow outfit I had stashed in my bag) we headed back out. By this time Mass had started and I stayed in the back to finish nursing. Except, what the hail because she pooped a-freaking-gain. And I HAD NO MORE DIAPERS LEFT. Except one of Levi's…So I put that one (size 5) over her size 1 to make a double barrier of leakage protection and she had the not cutest little diaper dress up to her chin. Back went on the jammies, finish up the nursing, and join the rest of the fam halfway through. Giving Mike a look of "you don't want to know."

So that's how one becomes holy at church.

At least you can feel better about your Sunday Funday.

The rest of the day we got to finish our leftover lounging from Saturday (OH, and a nice long ruuuun for me) and some errands and knowing that Monday was a day off was the bomb. Except not the bomb because no day is a day off for moi.

On Monday we kissed the official end of summer goodbye with tag team workouts (Mike at 6am, me at 9), some odds and ends around the house, and the afternoon at grandma and grandpa's for beach combing, paddle boarding, and water splashing. Instead of checking out and laying in the sun while the kids played, I made myself join them and I must admit, it was fun. Some special moments of mama as "Queen of the Beach" and Levi wading up to his shoulders in his clothes and the big kids having a ball.  Memories I will try to make more of as I attempt to let go of random stupid stuff (well, not stupid…just maybe not as important) and spend more *simple* time with my kids.

So there. Now it's September?! And a Tuesday? Wait right here while I try to go screw my head back on.

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