November 24, 2014

4 months young

I was gonna write something about the big kids but all the pictures I have are of Lola so scrap that. She better enjoy the spotlight now because when she really turns into the 4th wheel I'll probably start forgetting about her or something. But with a face like this, maybe not.......

From the time I found out I was pregnant I knew that when baby maniac becomes around 5 months old the golden age of awesomeness begins - that all the super hard work of being pregnant and having a newborn starts to pay off. At or about 5 months they sit up on their own, are super entertained by all those around them, they smile, laugh, giggle, play, roll over and can usually sit up by themselves WITHOUT GOING ANYWHERE. They are easily put on a schedule at this age and life becomes a bit more predictable.

Well, people, we are inching closer every dang day. Not that I'm wishing these moments away or anything  - in fact I'm taking them in and enjoying them more than with any other baby - but rather I am getting closer to the stage (5 months-18 months) that makes me keep having babies over and over (and over and over) again. For me, this chunk of time is just magical and beautiful and seriously once it's over I get the baby itch again because well, it's over. (It prob doesn't help that around 18-20 months they turn into crazy toddlers and I have to put away the cooing and bust out the mean mama voice.....) But now I'm just on the brink of the beginning of this stage and my heart is racing with excitement.

During church yesterday it hit me that life is often like this - we go through a really (sometimes really really really) hard patch but there is always (always always always) glory and peace on the other side if we just stick it out, embrace the crap, and keep the hope. Coming out of the hard time and entering into the joy and fruitfulness of it all is like a new springtime and, yes, the cycle just happens over and over in life. Easy, hard, easy, hard. Hard Hard Hard Hard, then maybe a little easy, then sometimes a lot easy. We never know the twists and turns or how long the hard time will last but it never lasts forever. And even if it does we are still guaranteed peace and fruit from it all if we approach it with joy, acceptance, and a willingness to bear through it.

Whoa, just got deep there when my only intention of this post was to bore you with baby pictures and list her height and weight (just under 14lbs and 24 inches - our little PEANUT still in 3-6 month clothes). I guess there's nothing like a baby to keep me on my toes, reflecting the shiz outta life.

Yes, even if stuff hits the fan and this next stage isn't all I dream about with lilies and butterfly kisses, I am still excited. I am excited for the adventure and the twists and turns and to experience the fruits of all the hard stuff of the past year. A new stage is coming, a new year (2015? what the what?!) is coming, and new chance to renew and reflect and move forward with intentionality. So Bring It. Mama's ready.

But just let me get over the 4 month sleep regression first..............

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Jen Y said...

You are so right! Around 19 to 20 months Mark and I started missing having a baby, and talking about how fun another baby would be (not in the cards). I told him "I finally understand why people keep having babies...from about 4 months (with Sky) to 18 or 19 months was just magical and kinda perfect!