November 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1. Levi: I sorry mama
    Me: It's OK Levi, you can go poop.
    Levi: Oh, thank you mama!

2.  I did a craft. WITH GLITTER. First time using glitter since I had kids. My nervousness meant I kept putting it off for like 5 days but since this was an All Saints Day craft and we were 5 days past All Saints Day I figured I better suck it up and hold my breath. It actually went awesome. Perhaps the controlled eagle eye environment helped but I'm learning to let go in this department. Plus they turned out pretty cool! I kept it simple: color a picture of their patron saint (the person they're named after), cut it out, glue on gold paper, stickers and cotton balls for heaven and some glitter and BOOM. "Best day ever, mom." Gotta set the standards high.

3. New favorite meal. I've been on a "meal plan" for 6 weeks now and most of my meals are focused around protein and veggies. Roasted broccoli was getting old and I can't do raw veggies so I made this up: 4 cups steamed cauliflower, 4 mini bell peppers, 1 carrot, large slice onion, cilantro, 2 cups kale, 6 mini grape tomatoes, 2 cups vegetable or chicken stock, 1/4 avocado, pink Himalayan sea salt (SO GOOOOOD), ground pepper, cumin. Blend it all up. TOP WITH SRIRACHA. Mmmmmm. 5 cups of thick yummy soup. 300 calories for the whole thing. I halve it: half for one meal half for another, along with a protein like fish or chicken.

4. This is a great article on nutrient deficiency. I had every single one of these symptoms associated with celiac/gluten intolerance as the gluten damaged my poor tummy's ability to absorb any nutrients from my food. Also, if you notice a red rash around your kid's mouth/cheeks for a long period of time that is also associated with food sensitivity (per Max's red face for a year.....). An interesting one to look out for are those bumps on the back of the arms: mine went away only after I went off dairy.

You can fid the article HERE.

5. Lola is sitting in a Bumbo seat now. Opens up a whole new world. Amen, Hallelujah. Except apparently I don't have a picture of her in this monumental moment so this will have to do. My apologies for #allthecuteness.

6. This is the best for moms (and not moms) fashion blog out there. It's called The Mom Edit (formerly known as Ain't No Mom Jeans). I've been overhauling my closet for a few weeks now - getting rid of lots (aka: doesn't fit, worn out, not me, etc etc etc) and she offers such great advice for fashion and clothes that stand the test of (kid) time. My biggest revelation: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I'm going to post my final closet once I get it done and I have literally gotten rid of almost 50% of my clothes. I would rather have 2 sweaters I love and are to-die for than 10 that I kind of like and make me feel kind of good. I realized that I am SO PICKY with what I wear because it can't pull, tug, be annoying, be noticeable, be too flashy, or not put together, or too low or too high or olive green (I can't wear that color). In a related note: my favorite jeans of all time are on sale (well, these color are). They are the Citizens of Humanity Emerson jean. Yes, they are expensive, but they feel like butter, they are higher waisted (BYE BYE MUMMY TUMMY SO LONG LOW RISE SUCKY JEANS), they don't stretch out, they are just perfect. Well, for me at least. I grab them everyday and I have worn them for everything from folding laundry to school field trips to dressy functions with heels. Totally getting my cost per wear.

This is the color on sale. SIZE DOWN TWO SIZES. Or just one size for a more baggy fit.

This is another color I'm swooning over and religiously checking to see if/when my size comes in.

Here is another color (the one I have) that will go with anything. Mine aren't as baggy as the picture because I went down two sizes.

7. New challenge ('cause I'm a sucker for a challenge...): drink a gallon of water a day. It helps with digestion, bloating, skin, energy, fullness, everything except for the need to pee. Which, thank the heavens, has subsided now that my body's used to it. I start the day with a huge glass of water (and two probiotics) even before my first cup of coffee and then just keep chugging from there. Before breakfast it's another 3 big glasses, and afterwards the same. I down about 16 oz before every meal and snack and by the end of the day it all adds up. I sometimes keep a big jug in the fridge loaded with lemon and lime but a lot of time it's just plain ice cold yummy water. Mmmmmmmm.

8. And a bonus for kicks. I DID FIND A PICTURE! But I kept the other one up too because, well, you know. Cuteness.


Kellie Mae said...

LOVE! What type of shoes do you pair with those jeans? I see they are cropped - I'm sort though, so maybe it wouldn't matter on me LOL

Kristine Mauss said...

I'm short too so pairing shoes and boyfriend jeans can be tricky. It's all about the hem. I usually roll/hem them to about 2 inches above my ankle bone. With them I would/do wear birkenstocks/flip flops in the summer, Sam Edelman Petty Ankle boot (SO COMFORTABLE) - can find at Nordy's or Amazon), or for winter the Sorel Joan of Arctic boot - my favorite waterproof boot for fall/winter/spring. (Those run a half size big). Retro sneakers would also look cool with these jeans. And for going out, a rocking heel!