November 12, 2014


Well, I'm currently sitting on the lanai (more like a patio - but any balcony in a sunny place can be a lanai in my heart o' hearts) in Orlando and it's 7:00pm and I feel useless because I have nothing to do. Baby is napping. Big kids are with the grandparents.

(Side note - laptops do NOT type well on laps...the end.)

Michael is here for a business conference for a few days so I decided to tag along. Actually, it's a funny story how I ended up coming but more on that in a min.

Back to the "nothing to do." Aaaahhhh, exhale. We flew in Sunday. Hit up Magic Kingdom Monday (my first Disney ANYTHING). And today was spent with Lola and me at the pool - swimming, lounging, sleeping, and lots of girl talks. Such a great time to spend bonding with this girl that sleeps all the time at home and only half that time here.

Now back to the funny story. Well, not really funny (dang it this laptop thing is bouncing around) but I will say that, at first, I wasn't clamoring to come. Yes, it's sun. Yes, it's Florida. But sometimes I like my little bubble and it takes some poking and prodding for me to be a bit adventurous.

I wasn't alway this way. I love me some cliff jumping, rope swinging, mountain climbing fun. However when nap schedules and four kids and regular life happen it's easy to get hunkered down in a nice little routine and not want to deviate from it. I mean, it's lovely and predictable and things run pretty smoothly over at the Casa de la Mauss-a. (Except for when they don't.) But when Michael and I were talking about the possibility of me coming I stepped back and flat out asked him, "What do YOU want me to do?"

His response: "I want you to come."

I may appear calm and collected. But I'm not. I'm freaking out like a kid in a candy store.

You see, usually his answer is "whatever you want, honey" which is kind of awesome and kind of not. He loves me so much he just wants me to be happy but it can create a crazy cycle of me planning and him going along with the ride and everything is fine and dandy until you realize that you don't want to always have the final say. You realize that the love and the happiness is in the "putting yourself and whatever you want" aside and going along - happily, willingly, and with excitement - with whatever your (in my case) spouse wants to do.

So, I threw caution to the wind and said, DONE. You want me to be there? I'll do the work and make it work. I will throw my expectations out of the window and even if everything sucks with a newborn (I guess it can't suck that bad when there's sun involved) I will be happy because, Michael, I'm doing this for you.

The princess and her castle. Except she really doesn't need a castle 'cause she slept in the bathroom.

Deep down we both knew we really needed this time together. Even if all we got to see of each other was the plane ride there and back that would be enough - enough to reconnect and talk about things and hang out for longer than 5 seconds. We have been really intentional about this trip and are using it as a springboard of planning for next year. Like PLANNING OUT THE WHOLE YEAR sort of intentional. Love language, swooooon. I'll share our plans and our goals (and we have a theme for 2015, people...) soon but for now you can enjoy this. Because, after texting it to Avila, this picture put me over the top as the best mom in the whole world forever and ever eternity infinity. Except I did NOT wait the two hours to get their autograph. I don't love my kids that much.

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Jen Y said...

I loved going to Disneyland as a kid, but I have to say Disneyland and Disney World as an much better!!! I can't wait until Sky is old enough and we get to go again! :) Have fun, enjoy the sun!