November 5, 2014

Like, Wow.

Holy crap people. Your response to yesterday's post was awesome. I didn't need an ego lift but you filled me up for a while, I must say. I thought my ramblings were just that but apparently you all (most of you all, except for the trolls) like them so I shall keep this little thing going. Now what to write for my second day on the job. I feel like it has to be big or something because, you know, when you go away and then come back there is so much to say but I have like five minutes to say it.

So, how about life right now? That'll do.

Things are awesome. Well, in a crazy busy, super hard, 4 kids 6 and under sort of way. But this time of newborness has really been beautiful and Lola (just like every other baby) has changed me. I think this is why God keeps giving me kids (despite the fact that I shouldn't be having them...more on that later...suspense suspense). I am stubborn and selfish and want what I want but then I get pregnant and am still selfish and then I have a baby and I become a little less selfish. I think I'll be done having kids once I'm not selfish any more so that means I have about 10 more to go.

Anyway, I didn't know what life would be like with another baby - I just assumed that it would suck and all the freedom I had been enjoying in the 5 extra months between not pregnant and not nursing would be sucked away (figuratively and literally bahahaha). But Lola has been a rockstar. I love it when people tell me it's because she's #4 and I'm more laid back because it makes me think I had a little something to do with it but it's probably all her and the fact that God gives you what you need during the life stages you need it. (Hello run-on sentence.) Sure, I could handle another hard baby (because at this point you just throw your hands up and say whatev...), but maybe God wanted to say: Here my child. Enjoy the baby stage for once and enjoy this gift and don't let go of the fact that I always provide for just what you need.

Apparently I needed an easy baby.

She pretty much eats, sleeps, poops (but not too much), laughs, sings, smiles, and cuddles. I know lots of you have babies and little ones right now so I'm really not trying to rub it in - I'm more just saying that God gives you what you need when you need it. Sometimes He does give you more than you can handle but all that stuff makes you stronger and more resilient and able to enjoy the awesome times when they come. Stepping back to look at it, we have many other burdens and crosses we are enduring right now as a family. Some I share, some I don't but maybe a hard baby would just put us over the top and we would crack. OK, now I'm rambling but at the end of the day all that matters is that we let go of whatever expectations and assumptions we have because we never know when or how the grace will come.

Like in the form of a snuggly little THREE AND A HALF MONTH OLD. Lordy someone stop time. But also make time skip to when she's down to one nap and not four...

Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine,
I read your blog. For lots of reasons. But mostly because it helps me feel connected to another mom with a big family who is working hard to live out an authentic Catholic lifestyle. No easy task in today's crazy world.
I also see myself attaining the fitness goals that you have diligently set for yourself-and achieved. Right now I am just too sick (autoimmune) to do much about it. But the way you look, feel and the energy you have to play with your kids is something that gives me hope.
I guess in one word, that is the virtue I attain most from reading your words: hope.