November 4, 2014

OK, that's it. One last shot....

....but not the tequila kind 'cause I'm on a "meal plan."

I haven't been avoiding you, I swear. It's just this blog thing has given me lots of angst. Ugh, I know it's just a blog and no one probably really cares, but I care. I care so much that I had to take a break and really really figure out if this is for me.

You see, I love blogging. I LOVE writing. I love writing more than talking and I'm better at it (I think) - so much so that when I don't know what to say to my husband I write him letters and then we talk about it.

But then there's that life thing. You know, the four kids and the homeschooling and the household running and the real running and the husband supporting and the possibility of weird people reading stuff about my family and the everything else (according to Avila's grammar lesson I used too many "and's") of life that has to go on before I can even attempt to think about putting something on paper. Even right now I'm toiling with getting these words down VS. getting ready and having breakfast made before the kids gets up (my new morning routine which is the bomb).


There is something that's telling me to give this baby one last shot and see what happens. I would love any feedback to know whether it makes a difference or not. Not because I'm searching for vain applause or a la-tee-da to fill my head but because I want to know if my time spent here is worth it with everything else going on in life. Because if it ain't then I can spend it reading or painting my nails or something. But if it is then by golly I'll keep doing it for there is just so much on my heart that I feel called to share day in and day out - things that the Lord and life have brought me through that could serve a purpose for others in some way, shape, or form.

So, there, I broke the silence. I should have waited to post this until tomorrow and the two month anniversary of me non-blogging but the extra cup of coffee must have gotten to me and my fingers and full of caffeine. (And Lola will be pretty soon too.......)

I would love to hear from any of you as I continue this journey. I'm an introvert and like the masked communication of the internet world, LOL, so it would be right up my alley. In the meantime, enjoy a freaking cute baby picture because I have neglected you with one for way too long. (Sorry if you've already seen this one on Facebook or Instagram. It's too adorable not to share 500 times.)


Jen Y said...

Oh I feel your pain! I was an every day blogger, but now only post 2 to 3 times a week (if that) and feel the pressure to post more, but there are more important things. For me it all comes down to two things: 1. I like writing and I get enough feedback from readers that it keeps me going 2. I love that there I this amazing online journal of our life and when Mark and I are gone some day Sky will have it still.

On a personal level I love your blog, and every post you have done. Your honesty has helped me focus on what's important and served as reminders as to what kind of person, wife, and mother I want to be.

Your faith and your wiliness to share it has really helped me through some dark spiritual times. I grew up in a very Closed off faith that was not open to "outsiders" and when I decided it wasn't for me at 24 I also turned my back on religion/faith of any kind. I thought I needed a clean break from all of it to reset. I have yet to rejoin organized religion, but your posts (and the fact that your faith shines from within no matter what you are doing) has helped me turn to my bible, and prayer once again. I don't know where my journey to find my faith will take me but thanks to you I have a bit more of it in my life, and a calmer more peaceful heart.

I don't say any of that to try and sway you one way or the other, more to let you know that you have made a difference, and to thank you!

BTW - I totally get the crazy people seeing things about you/ your family...I had a reader go purchase a pair of compression running tights after I reviewed them and then sent me a pic of his junk in the pant to see if I thought the pants fit ok. Needless to say I blocked him from my blog!

Kristine Mauss said...

Oh my word, thank you SO MUCH for these words! It is such as this that keeps me going. I will be praying for you and your journey and for the calmer and more peaceful heart you desire. :)

And crazy reader action, yikes! How did you block someone from your blog? Enquiring minds what to know!!

PS: you keep blogging too!

Jen Y said...

I had to go in through Google+ to do it. He was a blog follower through that side of blogger, so I blocked him, and in my email account blocked his email address to. It was a little confusing doing it, had to go to the help forums and get steps on how to do it, which I have forgotten. I'm pretty sure though if you have followers through the sign up option on your blog you can go into setting and remove them if need be.

Susie Kennedy-Gray said...

Don't stop! We need more positive devout Catholic Christian voices like yours in the blogosphere! We just love your beautiful family and your dedication to your marriage, your little ones and your faith. More young women and young moms need to hear messages of hope and beauty in regards to motherhood, parenthood and family life. And no, not every moment as a mother is all rainbows and butterflies. Comparing our lives and struggles with others can be so destructive. Being grateful for our blessings honors the Creator who delights in our devotion to our vocation as parents. Hold tight to those precious babies, because pretty soon they'll be going to the Homecoming Dance and you just won't believe it. It's so wild and wonderful being a parent, especially when you get to partner with someone you absolutely adore! Blessings

Cat said...

I don't read religiously, but I do stop by from time to time. I think knowing where we came from, it's really fun to see where we are now especially since our lives can be so different and yet, so similar... Plus baby pictures.