December 16, 2014


Bouncy laptop on the lap part three. But no me importa because LOLA WENT TO BED AT 7 EFFING PM. That was 45 minutes ago. 7pm. 7 o'clock. Boom chica boom boom. Except now I'm sitting and I don't let myself sit at night because if I did (like right now) I wouldn't get up. So it looks like I'm screwed and will be here until midnight. So I might as well blog.

Aaaanywaaay, the boys are whining because they have a billion Legos to pick up and Avila is sad because they put away the awesome Lego house she was building (and Michael is mad because I'm on the computer and not helping but for the record I'm done when Lola's done which used to be 10pm but NOW IT'S 7:00 SO THERE).

But, after all that let's cut to the chase: Lola is 5 months old!


Sorry for the caps. I'm shouting if you couldn't tell. Shouting for freaking joy.

There is just something that happens to babies when they hit 5 months. Don't believe me? I have 4 kids so there. And with every single one of them magical things happened when they turned 5 months old: grumpiness goes away. They become freakishly happy and exiting and they can sit up and roll over and, if they were sleeping crappy before, that usually goes away too. (And if it doesn't I sleep train to make the crappy sleep go away...more on that later 'cause I like opening cans of worms.)

And little Lourdes is no different (except for the sleep training part. Didn't have to do that this time around, yessss). She is so much fun. Babbling, laughing (like real belly laughing), being super feminine (dainty coughs people), rolling around my closet as I continue to clean that baby out (the closet, not the baby), starting to eat food (sweet potatoes are her favorite) and surprising her brothers and sisters with all her cool new tricks - like blowing bubbles. Although her nursing deal is annoying because 1) she wants to flirt the whole time which means I have to keep a blanket over her head so she doesn't see me and 2) she eats in like 5 minutes now which means all my iPhone Facebook checking has been reduced from my usual 30 minute rest. You win some you lose some.

I'm gearing up, man. Gearing up for the next awesome chunks of months of baby awesomeness until she turns into toddler trouble. I figure we've got a 15 month countdown and until then I will soak in every moment of babbling baby bliss. The time when the baby becomes my bestie and we have this little bond that she doesn't have with anyone else - not yet at least. Just me and her, her and me until I'm ready to give her wings and send her to time-out. But serisously, can you even picture this face in time-out? Yeah, I said the same thing about baby Levi but he spends half his days there.......

Oh, and I forgot to mention. I taught her how to poop on command. Yup. Babies are like puppies: you can teach them anything. (I taught Max and Levi to do this too. With Avila I had no idea what I was doing...) She's been doing this since she was 3 months old and it's kind of an easy trick. If you really want to know how it's done just message me or comment or something because I'm sure the rest of the blog world doesn't need a detailed account of bowel stories.

PS: Sorry I posted a picture of you pooping, Lola.

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