December 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes

I was going to write these last night but when I sat down on the couch with my bouncy laptop, a little man about 2-years-old crawled onto my lap instead and said, "Mama, you my best buddy."

Screw blogging. Last night was all about wrestling cuddling with that little boy and watching The Grinch with the rest of the brood. See, that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.

OK, onto quick takes. AKA: random crap that fits nicely together on a Friday.

1. Last Friday we made Gingerbread houses. I'M NOT CRAFTY so I had to wing it. I built the houses out of canned frosting and gluten free graham crackers. Out of all 4 (yes, I made one too) only mine fell apart which was good enough because I didn't want to make kids cry. Especially since I had been bribing/hanging this activity over their heads for a whole week leading up to it. It was so much fun decorating these bad boys and just hanging with the kids. The pictures show family bliss but in reality, Levi is sitting in his own poop, the boys went back to fighting about 5 seconds after they glued the last jelly bean, and as a result Levi bit Max. HARD. On the knee. Marks and blood. A few days later we come to find out he accidentally turned on Walking Dead on the TV and apparently he was acting out some sort of Zombie Apocalypse. Hashtag Parenting Fail.

This was daddy's contribution.

2. Everyday during our break I'm trying to do something fun WITH the kids. Yes, I'm with them when we do school but I don't really play with them a lot. So I'm making a point to play games, hang out, watch movies, just be their mom. Our current shenanigans are Pass the Pigs and Story Cubes. UM, Story Cubes is awesome! Max is making up the best stories and I'm totally going to keep this game up for pre-writing skillz.

3. On Tuesday I decided last minute to take them to a movie. We saw Big Hero 6 and it was SO GOOD. One of the best kid's movies I've seen. Such a beautiful story line of self-sacrificial love. Lola alternated between watching and sleeping and we all had a jolly good popcorn-soda-induced time.

4. Lola is now eating. Food. Peas and Sweet Potatoes and she loves them. I tried to wait until she was 6 months but she would freak anytime I ate in front of her so I said what the heck and pulled the trigger. But now I have ONE MORE MOUTH TO FEED. Hashtag Lord help me.

5. Dinner from the other night. I'm trying to get better at not being boring (but boring is simple and simple is good) and I had some random stuff I needed to use up before it all got bad. This is a cranberry-apple-butternut squash roasted thing, with leftover (gluten/dairy free) mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving, with some chicken that I rubbed with the juice from an orange, rosemary, thyme, sea salt and pepper. You can find the squash recipe here. The kids ate it because afterwards they got to eat some of their gingerbread house.

6. OH and I made meatballs over spaghetti squash. Levi = in love.

7. Avila is a bon-bon (under the skirt girl) in the Nutcracker this year. We had an entourage of 18 come to her first performance last weekend and SHE ROCKED IT. Such a light up on that stage! And that smile! Levi stayed home to nap, Lola danced along (and slept), and Max alternated between being bored and excited.

What does one wear when they need to kind of dress up but will be wrestling with/nursing a baby? This awesome jumpsuit (that opens in the front to feed a kid) and a snuggly leather jacket. 

Jacket - All Saints

Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 
(last year clearance find - just search "cage sandals" at Nordstrom online and they have a ton on sale right now)

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