December 12, 2014

7 really Quick Takes

1. I love Fridays. That is all. (OK, it's rest day. Michael usually gets home a little earlier. Tomorrow is Saturday and then it's Sunday which means I'm closer to NO LAUNDRY DAY. It's movie night therefore I don't have to cook. Just a lot of awesome rolled into one.)

2. I call this the first confessional. Apparently Lego girl had something important to share with the baby Jesus.

3. Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like I got nothing done but then I looked back at the day and this is actually what went down: up at 5:30am to nurse baby. finish blogging. get ready. dishes done laundry in and breakfast. stuff Christmas cards. nurse baby. market with all 4. lunch. nurse baby again. spend an hour unloading and putting away crap from said market. school and some Nativity thing with the kids. nurse baby again. get Avila ready for ballet (but daddy came home to take her score!). finish Christmas cards. lots of emails. make dinner (Pad Thai). nurse baby. go workout. get Avila ready for Nutcracker rehearsal (2 ballets in one day, lucky girl). put boys and Lola to bed. more blogging and emails. nighty night.

4. Levi is inching closer to giving up his naps but I don't really care. At least he's not climbing on the windowsill while he's supposed to be napping. Oh wait, never mind. Hashtag stupid toddler.

5.  Less than two weeks until Christmas my peeps. BUT I got my shopping done by December 1st whoooooo. I'm so excited to wrap everything next weekend! Just me and a Christmas movie (and perhaps some liquor) all shut up in my room with pretty wrapping paper and no kids. Countdown

6. OMGeeee I'm in the kitchen all the time. Between eating every three hours-ish and having boys and making my husband's lunch everyday and Lola now chomping away and doing school at the kitchen table I live in like a 10 square foot radius for 80% of my day. No wonder I feel like there's actually a great big world out there when I step outside. Hashtag get me out of the house.

7. This was Avila's TO DO list from the other day. And by Christmas golly we got 'er all done.

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* Chrissy * said...

How old is your oldest? She writes better than my first grader...