December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Aaaaaahhhhhh, a break from social media. Just what I needed. Actually, it was less intentional than that but I was too busy making Chex Mix and playing American Girl Doll and CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF GOD to do anything on my computer. Just ask my 987 (no, for realz) unopened emails. most of those are buy me buy me buy me emails which I'm attempting to ignore because, after Black Friday and all that jazz, I'm all sale emailed out.

From our family to yours we hope and pray you had a blessed Christmas! Ours was wonderful, thanks for axing. (Go Hawks!) Want to know how wonderful? When asked what her favorite present was, Avila said "Being with all my family." What the eff, you rock girl.

On Christmas Eve we spent time with Michael's side of the fam - lots of cousin time and lots of almost tree fallings over. Then it was Mass and home to play Santa Claus. But what I don't get is the kids hype up Santa and all that but then thank mom and dad for their stuff come Christmas morning. Kids are confusing.

On Christmas morn we got to put baby Jesus in His manger and make the kids wait like 5 hours before opening presents. Actually, Michael and I were up 2 hours before them but when they finally awoke I was prepping Christmas dinner and had to get those lamb shanks in the crockpot like NOW so they had to watch like 3 shows before mama was ready. But good things come to those who wait. But bad things come to those who prep winter sangria and red wine based lamb shanks in an ivory sweater. Just saying. Oh and bad things come to ME when I use knives. But, on a side note, XMAS dinner turned out freaking awesome. For a non-cook like moi I'm branching out and getting better and actually following recipes.

Some highlights from freak out present time: Max got his earplugs (so he doesn't have to listen to Levi  yelling at him at night), Avila got the *one thing* she wanted, and Levi got 7,000 cars. Cars Cars Cars Cars. That kid is going to be a race-car driving priest, mark my words. And Lola got an Our Lady of Lourdes baby chew toy doll thing.

Here's what I made for din din - recipes linked:

Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks (serve with a deep red wine)

Stuffing (I modified and used three different types of GF bread. This stuff is addicting)

Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans (I made this up: steam green beans, mix with dairy free butter, salt/pepper, and sprinkle with hemp seed for a toasty crunch)

Spinach salad (also made this up: spinach, feta, raspberries, dried cranberries, raspberry vinaigrette)

Rolls (Gluten/dairy free, from the Market)

Winter Sangria

Apple Pie and Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes

OK, I'm glad I froze most of the leftovers because I want sweet potatoes now. Christmas has just begun and we have many more days of celebrating! And then it's 2015, and I'm soooooo excited for this coming year. New turning over of the leaf, new goals, a fresh start. Bring it on, new year. We're waiting for you.


Cat said...

Boys are funny! Caden asked for a flashlight for his brother so he doesn't have to share.

Kristine Mauss said...

Hahaha, that;s hilarious. I love watching them grow up together and love/hate each other!