December 10, 2014

My Boyfriend(s)

Soft and cozy. Hugs me in all the right places. Yup, just trying to make my husband jealous with my boyfriends. Boyfriend jeans to be exact.

I can't remember when I discovered them but holy moly I fell in love. You see, I *hate* with a passion greater than a thousand fiery deaths pants that stretch out. If I'm wearing something and constantly pulling or tugging or it goes to crap by the end of the day I get so annoyed. Insert boyfriend jeans here. As long as they fit in the waist, they can get lived in and stretched a bit and look and feel cozier than ever. And make them high waisted (yes, I'm preaching it a-gain) and you have the recipe for Valentine's Day all over again.

I'm pretty sure they work on all body types - just not every boyfriend jean is going to work for everyone. Some are baggier than others and here is a quick formula to see what type works for you:

Pear shape: keep them more streamlined and not too baggy around the hips, just more relaxed. Go for a darker wash

Apple shape: fit in the waist is super important. Again, avoid low rise since we (I'm an apple) are more prone to muffin top. I like muffins and apples but not together. Go for a lighter wash to balance out the top half of the body

Straight body type: loose and baggy (but only with a fitted top) will add curves and dimension

Tall: you don't need to worry about finding the right length because these babies can be rolled or cuffed to your heart's conent

Petite: avoid anything too overwhelming and 1) hem them to fall with a slight bagginess around the ankle (like a skinny pant) then 2) roll them to the ankle to give illusion of length

What to pair with them?
The general rule is baggy on top, streamlined on the bottom - baggy on the bottom (in the case of boyfriends), streamlined on the top. BUT I do like a good slouchy sweater with my jeans so play it up a bit, take some pictures in the mirror to see if the proportions works, and have fun. For day I pair a simple tee with a cropped to the wait moto-jacket sweater. Shoe options shown below. (Yes, JEN for you!!!) For evening, throw on a pair of simple heels (pointy toe or simple ankle strap), a simple shell top and a leather jacket (or fun structured blazer). You really can't go wrong.

What shoes to wear?
Since this was the specific question, these are all the pictures I have. I would totally show ideas for what I listed above but, well, I had math to teach and (despite wanting to play in my closet) had to put away the fun stuff and work with a certain 4-year-old boy on his numbers. Silly kids wanting to learn.

Outfit Deets:

Jeans - Citizens of Humanity Emerson in Stetson. But don't get these ones! Love love love the color, but they are a different material than the other ones I have and they fit WEIRD so sniffle, sniffle I had to send them back. Get these instead. (go down 1-2 sizes)

Sweatshirt - James Perse Vintage Fleece Sweatshirt 

Tank - James Perse Slub Tank similar here

Necklace - Stella and Dot

Watch - Karl Lagerfeld (auction item steal last year)

Shoes - listed below each picture


In love with these boots. I can walk in them for dayzzzzzz. 
Sam Edelman Petty Boot. Leopard (L) and Putty (R)
And OMGeeee that bone color! (I won't I won't I won't)
Fit is true to size and they will stretch a bit.

Left - DV by Dolce Vita try these. or these on sale for under $50! 
Trick is to find something in a neutral color as to not make the legs look stumpy. ;) 

I rolled the jeans in smaller rolls NOT thicker ones, again to avoid stump legs. 
I also folded the flaps of the boots over to give dimension and tuck the cuffs in a bit.

Sneakers ~

Left - Converse SLIP ON. Amazing.
But if it's raining I would swap them out for boat shoes. Sperry Top Siders are the best and are made for H2O.

Right - Nike Dunk High (with a sleigh wedge) Clearance find last year at Nordy's

Also, note the outfit. SWEATSHIRT and JEANS. That's it. I made it more polished by adding a tank underneath, a necklace, a watch, and some purple lipstick (MAC Heroine). See the difference with the non-updated version? A couple simple tweaks made all the difference. And pictures help because I wouldn't have noticed this outfit (on the left) needed anything until I looked back at the photo.

Shoes on the right (my new obsession, thank you very much Sarah Jessica Parker)

OK, so there you have it. OH, and you are going to have to ignore my *same pose in every picture* deal. I have 2 square feet to get a good shot and the hand in the pocket just kind of goes there because it looks weird when I'm just like standing there. Maybe I need to teach Max how to take a picture of me and not *up his nose*.

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Jen Y said...

I love this post, and it helps me a ton! Those jeans are in my future and now I know what to do with them once I have them! Thank you!