December 13, 2014


So, I haven't quite pin-pointed it yet but I'm inching closer to nailing down my personal style. The biggest thing I'm realizing through this process is that I can't copy anyone else - it's up to me to be me. There are things I will always love and always hate to wear. There are things that do and DO NOT look good on me no matter how hard I try. Pinterest is my current friend (I'm noticing that everything I pin is comfy, neutral, and minimalist, with a pop of something unexpected and WEIRD) and GUESS WHAT?!! Apparently Nordstrom stylists (if they're flipping awesome) will come to your house and help you organize/create a wardrobe. Life changed. (Shout out to Brittany from Tacoma Nordstrom TBD!! She's coming in 2 weeks and our kids will have a playdate while we get rid of stuff and see what I'm lacking.) 

Here's a little peek of my OOTW (again, Instagram Hashtag if you live in the North Pole but I'm pretty sure they have Instagram there too. OK, this reference is for my dad then: it means Outfits of the Week) and what I'm digging/not digging about each. And speaking of Instagram, I link better outfit deets on there so check that out at xokristinenicole. Or not. I don't get hung up on followers - I'm only hung up on the fact that I missed watching most of the episodes of last season's Project Runway and now I can't stream them. Cry me a fabric river.

Last Friday Night - XMAS Party #1
What I love about this: it's SO SIMPLE and the cool things are found in the details. Black flowy tank (super post-partum pooch hiding. I wore it when I was 6 months pregnant with Lola so it's apparently maternity friendly too), faux leather pants (that I get a ton of use out of believe it or not), simple jewelry (can't quite see the layered necklaces or rings), statement shoes, a warm shrug, and a husband. The trick is to not go overboard. I like to err on less than more because I used to err on more and I would have WAY too much going on. Again keep it simple. Unless going overboard is your thing then ROCK IT.

Top - Lush camisole tank. Similar here 

Pants - Zara faux leather. Similar here 

Jewelry - Stella and Dot

Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Foxtrot. Similar here

Saturday - Pizza Night at my Sister's
Name of the game: COZY. I threw the hat and lipstick on last minute and it totally made the outfit. Throw on a pair of neutral flat ankle boots and I would rock this out, too. But flip flops (in the rain) are awesome, right?

Top - Old Target find. 

Pants - Target

Flip-flops - Haviannas from COSTCO baby

Hat - Nordstrom. Similar here

Sunday - Church
This may be my new favorite outfit. Inspired by a picture from Pinterest that I have always loved. Simple, chic, totally kid friendly (yes, even the off-white. No, I wouldn't wear this while making spaghetti sauce). Again, the details make the outfit. Watch was a Black Friday score I'd had my eye on for a loooong time. It pays to hold out baby - tick tock tick tock. And bottom right is what I change into like the second I get home. Old sweats not pictured. Because Sunday is for football and sweatshirts and your husband's old football sweatshirt. WITH his name and number on the back. Swoon, I'm in college again.

Sweater - Old Ann Taylor Loft find. Similar here

Pants - 7 for all Mankind mid ride in Navy. Similar here

Shoes - DV by Dolce Vita. Similar here

Bracelets - Stella and Dot and an old thrift find

Baby - made by me (and my husband XO)

Monday - Church again. And normal stuff.
Totally wore this two days in a row. Just switched out the shoes. 

Shoes - Aldo

Tuesday - home.
These are the shoes I'd throw on if we went out. Unless it was raining then I would go to my trusty Sorel's I can't stop wearing (because it's been effing raining all effing week. AND STOP AUTOCORRECTING ME EFFING COMPUTER. You should know me by now.) Top is a consignment find from Thred-UP ($10 baby) but I CANNOT decide about this sweater. It's not super great material (GAP clearance find) but it's soft enough. I just can't decide if it's me. Something about it seems off. (A little too girly? I'd totally swap for a leather jacket instead.) So the question begs, do I keep it or does it go in the donate pile??

Top - Free People thrift find

Pants - 7 for all Mankind. Similar here 
*I had them hemmed to my ankles then rolled them up*

Sweater - old GAP find

Wednesday -
Wore this to the kids' school they have on Wednesdays. The pants are low rise (which are death) and the belt is a current necessity, but I LOVE these jeans so much (I got mine on sale and the cost per wear is like $.05) and I can't part with them. Yet. But I'm going minimalist so I probably will.

Top - Topshop. Similar here 

Scarf - Leith 

Denim - BlankNYC

Jacket - All Saints  (on 60% markdown last year!) Similar here

Watch - Auction find. Same one here

Bracelet - old Target find

Alright mamas and papas. Go enjoy the weekend. Peace out.


Jen Y said...

I love your style! As for the sweater if it were me I'd ditch it. It just doesn't scream you when I see it on you, even before I ready the commentary I saw the picture and thought well that's an odd pick for her. Not that it doesn't look good on you, it's really cute, but just doesn't seem totally you.

rachel drechsel said...

Nope, that sweater on Tuesday is not you. Everything else is on point. I love these fashion posts. Will you come over and help me purge my closet?

Kristine Mauss said...

Thank you! And thanks for the motivation to ditch the sweater! Freedom. It's in the donate pile as we speak :) PS: I have some other boyfriend jeans finds for you! Like under $75 and awesome.