December 21, 2014


Well, there's lots of stuffs in the queue but for this blog to work (for me) it kind of has to be organic - meaning in the moment and off the cuff. Don't worry, I'll get to all the other thoughts swimming around in my head but for now, let's just focus on the now.


My day of rest.

Well, disclaimer. I actually do use it to prep for the week ahead but lately (as of like Lola's birth) I've been trying to reserve the day for just hanging out. You know, the cozy sweats wearing, football watching, non-bed-making, no laundry doing (OK, folding) kind of day. And as I like to say with everything, it totally changed my life.

Drama queen, I'll take my crown thank you very much.

What a difference it makes to have one day to take the pressure off. To have one day where I can let it all go and not worry about anything except for the bare minimum. (Today's bare minimum had to do with a certain toddler sticking his hands down his pants after he went poop....)

On Sunday we are up early for Mass (8:00am, with all the "older people" who love watching toddlers climb the pews) and then afterwards we lounge. The kids change into jammies when we get home, enjoy a chocolate muffin (IF they were good at church), I go for a run then change into sweats myself, Michael kicks his feet up, the kids get to play on the iPads (it's an "only on Sunday" rule at our joint), then it's football watching for the rest of the day (and I usually do my menu planning, school planning, week planning on the couch next to Michael while cheering for my Hawks). And if we're not lounging we try to make it family time, whatever that means for the day.

I used to treat Sunday as a day to get stuff done: errands, catch up. Whatever. But now that I don't really do that anymore my whole week ahead starts off fresh and I don't feel like I'm scrambling coming Monday morning. Because the only thing I like scrambled are my eggs. Well, actually I like those in a omelet.

Mmmmmm, omelet. I'm hungry. Time to go make myself some food before 500 kids and a baby want something to eat themselves.

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